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Hi! I'm Dollmaker Donna. I love having a house full of babies, and since my four are grown and gone, I have begun handcrafting porcelain dolls. Each one is a unique individual with charachteristics all their own.

These are
NOT store-bought dolls, rather they are handmade creations brought to life with loving hands.
Featured 14" Dolls:
Each Baby is Hancrafted Porcelain, starting with pouring the "Seeley" slip into molds created by such famous sculpters as Dianna Effiner, Cindy Marshner Rolff & Donna RuBert.

The greenware is meticulously cleaned before firing.
Firing is done in our own kilns, ensuring quality.

I personally assemble all dolls, useing the finest quality eyes, wigs and eyelashes.

All bodies are  handsewn, as is most all of the clothing.

Baby Shay
Baby Bailey
Tom Sawyer
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