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Traditional Satanism In Mainstream
A traditional Satanist site who's goal is to spread the unholy message of traditional Satanism and make anti dogmatic Satanism a "superpower" religion.

Introduction To The Traditional Devil
Hello Satanists of all beliefs. I'm not here to argue with you over who's idea of Satan is better. That would be pointless when the most important thing now is unity in the Satanic community. We all have been touched by Lucifer in one way or another. His hand guides us all. Dogma must not affect this. Satan is not just a dusty symbol. He's not just some image that can be created or destroyed at man's whim. Beelzebub is very real. Otherwise how do you explain the billions of people who have been affected by him over the centuries. Satan is a physical being that should be worshiped out of reverence for his power and intelligence. Satan is Supreme. Hail the Real Satan!


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