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There are alternatives to the major religions of Christianity, Christianity and Christianity you know. And I don't mean Islam, Buddhism, and the like. There are religions, spiritual paths and other ways of thinking. Here are some, in no particular order...
Wicca- An earth-based pagan religion based on old beliefs and individualised to suit one's own personal spiritual needs. Hated by mainstream Christianity for being influenced/created by Satan, which is very interesting as the devil is a Chrisitian invention and not part of Wiccan belief. Wicca's only creed is "An it harm none, do as you will."

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Why I Am Not A Christian

A lot of people aren't, but their voices are not heard so well in the so-called Christian countries, such as Britain and America, to name just two. Of course there are the other main world religions, but I'm more interested in those who have decided, intellectually and emotionally to not be swept along by the tide of religious certitude. Here are just a few of the many stories on the net.

Why I Am Not A Christian
by Bernard Russell

Why I Am Not A Christian
by Miklos Jako

Why Am Not A Christian
by Danny Yee

Why I Am Not A Christian
by Gonzo Theology

More websites...

Why I am not a Christian

Origins of Chrisitanity
by Peter Kirby
Unitarian Universalism

This is the only church-going religion that I have any respect for. A creedless organisation, its purpose is to provide a spiritual, inclusive and non-judgemental home to free thinkers and those who wish to use their reason while maintaining an awe and reverence for creation.

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Atheism and Agnosticism are not exactly faiths, more beliefs or lack of beliefs.


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