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Northern Exposure

For a long time this was my favourite show. It still would be if I had it on tape or DVD or if it was ever on TV! As it is, it is up there in my list of top 10 best shows ever. I first watched it on Channel 4 in the early to mid-nineties, then in America on a cable channel in 2000/2001. All I can say is that it became addictive. Probably because it created a perfect little world that you could feel part of. Some weird and wonderful storylines, great characters, and a superb location. It was set in Alaska, in the middle of nowhere, in a little town called Cicely where ex-residents of the lower 48 co-existed with the native population and a few Canadians thrown in for good measure. The storylines followed the seasons and this is a good reason alone for watching it. Some really good episodes I remember are: when the ice was going to break (Spring Break), and when Joel was affected by the midsummer light, couldn't sleep and coached the basketball team. (Midnight Sun) (For a full list of each episodes and transcripts please follow the links below.)
   Although it was set in Alaska, it was actually filmed in Washington State, in a little ex-mining town in the Cascade mountains east of Seattle called Roslyn. When I lived in the States I was lucky enough to be able to visit Roslyn three times; twice in the summer and once in December when snow was on the ground.It was great being able to walk the same streets and go inside the buildings I saw on the show.
GO here to see my photos of those visits. 

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