Here go da section I call:
Nay's "Whut da Hell iz Kewl in Hip-Hop Deze Dayz?"

Whut's bangin' & whut's just plain busted changes so damn fast in da world of hip-hop dat poor El Jym (he writes ma sites) can't keep up, see whut I'm sayin'? So, it's up to U all to help keep it fresh.

First, Ima tell U whut I think got it goin' on as of rite dis minit. But, U know how it iz... tommorow U prolly say it's mad crusty. Here it go...

> clik da pix <
Britney Spears

In "Hip-Pop" - Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears - Who sez war can't be fun? Tho' Britney iz mad winnin' the latest battle wit TOXIC. Whut's Chris gonna do ta beat dat? Hmm... She gon hafta do a straight up X movie. Knowing dat ho, She prolly would, too... (she singin' her @$$ off, tho'.)

Christina Aguilera
Christina Milian & Beyonce', - And speakin' of war, here go 2 of America's secret weapons. DANGER!! Dese are 2 bootylicious BOMBZ. Christina Milian Beyonce' Knowles
Kanye West Keith Murray

Kanye West, Keith Murray and other virtuoso rappers - Da beautifullest vocabulests, pumping sounds all mad spectaculess. Hell, yee-ah.

50 Cent & G-unit - Scarin' da shiz-nit outta cracka parents everywhere. Gotta luv dat! 50 Cent G-unit
Eve - Ol' girl may be jus' as scary as da unit! She a pit-bull in a skirt. Ruff-Ruff!
2Pac & Biggie - 2 legends who aint never gonna NOT be kewl. See whut I'm sayin'? Rest in Peace to 'em. But, they beefin' was not 2 kewl, so Rest in Peace to East / West playa hatin'. 2Pac Biggie Smalls
Aaliyah- The Angel of Funk.

So, there go some o' the junk thas got me soupt, a'ight? Now, here's where U all come in. We all need to know what U vibin' to. Put it in the guestbook. Come on, don't be shyzzle, McFlyzzle.

More "Whut da Hell iz Kewl in Hip-Hop Deze Daze?" coming soon.

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