Whut's poppin, my East Coast B's & G's? I'm Brittany, aka "Nay" and this heres ma joynt. Shouts way ovah to da West Coast... and y'all out down in dirty South Central too. Not to mention all the bangin' Canadians, Aussies, Brits, Irish & Scots ... But not the French cuz, straight up, y'all smell like @$$.

This site is to bring G kidz together, see whut I'm sayin'? When ya mix red & blue whatta ya get? Ya gets purple, dig? But...

This site was built just fo' teenz like me & ma G-town homeys - so if you an adult... get the hell out!

Chillax Pops, I'm only kiddin'!

A'ight, a'ight ... If U is an adult, and U wanna check this site for content, Don't worry, Nay's got ya covered. Here go some translations of some of the urban slang we gon be usin' heah.

Here's an excerpt from G-unit's rap song "Beg for Mercy"

... every day's a death threat, but I ain't dead yet
So I go put a hole in a sucka from the next set
Don't know where I slept at, just know where my tec at
It's the first of the month, my biotch ain't got her check yet...


"Beg for Mercy" = I think U're cute

every day's a death threat = every day I pass U a love note in class

I aint dead yet = teacher hasn't caught me yet

put a hole in the sucka from the next set = stick my tounge out, and
say"nyah, nyah!" at the other boy who likes you

don't know where I slept at = went to bed way past bedtime - almost got grounded.

just know where my tec at = emptied out my piggy bank

It's the first of the month, my biotch aint got her check yet =
I want to meet you at the mall and treat U to a pizza & cokes ...

And so on. See... it's not as bad as y'all thought. NOW get the hell out - Nay.

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