This page is dedicated to Native peoples who have been persecuted, mistreated, abused, lied to, cheated, and who have felt prejudiced towards...If you have ever felt this way, then this page is for you...

My husband is of Native origin, thru his great-great-grandmother. She was Algonquin Tibádjamowin from the Golden Lake, Ontario area. (Pikwákanagán) We have been researching our roots for the past 10 years, ever since our oldest daughter tracked this information down thru various relatives. We know her name was Mary and that she married William James Kirwood, born October 30, 1833. Mary was born in 1846 and they have a child by the name of Jane Kirkwood, who was born June 4, 1876-1949. Jane married Abraham Chatham (1878-1898) and when he passed away she remarried an Elliot. They had one child, James Willard Chatham born May 7, 1898 - 1954. James married a Teresia Jane McDougall and between them had Emily Jane, Lieford James (my husband's father), William Aubrey, Wilma Audrey, Kathleen Florence.

This is about all we have found out...we have yet to find a connection with the Golden Lake Band because everything that was on file was lost in a fire...we attend every year the Golden Lake Powwow, just to stay close to the heritage that has been denied us for so long. This denial was due to the fact that my husband's father denied his children and his grand-children their heritage. As a young child, my husband's father was told not to ever state he had Native blood, he was to deny it or else someone would come and take him away. He was scrubbed four times daily with lye soap and a steel wire brush in order to scrub his native skin off and to have him appear white to the average eye.

Our eldest daughter, Jennifer, would not buy any of this and one day set out to find the truth...what she found only gave evidence to what we already knew to be true and that was there was definitely Native blood flowing thru their veins. However, over the course of the years, we really haven't found much...we have yet to find out family connection with those in Golden Lake, providing there are still relatives in the area. That is our goal to one day find our missing family and our heritage.

If anyone out there even knows what we are talking about....if they also have similiar family lineage could you PLEASE contact me at:

Debbie Chatham



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