Long, long ago in ancient Egypt the Pharaohs played a deadly game, called the Shadow game. In the shadow realm the Pharaohs would duel with massive monsters and spells to win at any cost. Soon the game was out of control and threatened to destroy the world. However a wise Pharaoh was able to lock the shadow game in seven magical items with each item possesing a different power.

     Thousands of years passed and the game was forgotten. Until Later a mysterious man named Maxamillion Pegasus restores the game in the form of playing cards.

     One day young Yugi's grandfather gives him an old puzzle to solve. Instantly Yugi begins to work on the puzzle. Finally Yugi completes it and his life is forever changed. The puzzle, an ancient artifact from egypt, is one of the seven millennium items. It gives Yugi new powers and a new personality, Yami Yugi, the King of Games.

     Shortly after, Yugi is challenged by the creator of duel monsters and loses. As a result Pegasus took control of his grandfather's soul. To reclaim his grandfather's soul Yugi must travel to the Duelist Kingdom and participate in a duelist tournament, win ten star chips, and defeat pegasus himself.
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