Yugi Episode Summary 2
Episode 15 Joey is still dreaming of his defeat to Kaiba. In the dream he's a puppy dog running from it's master. His own defeat has shattered Joey's confidence leaving him almost helpless in his next duel. Number one american duelist Bandit Keith and his gang kidnaps Joey and forces him to duel in a secret cave with a skull graveyard. Joey is scared stiff! Sadly Yugi and his friends can't find him...all that's left of Joey is his wallet with a picture of his sister, Serenity. When the duel begins Joey seems to be doing welll. Using his Flame Swordsman and Axe Raider he demolishes the first three of the challenger's monstsers. But Bones, the challenger, has a suprise in store for Joey. With the help of Bandit Keith he plays the "Call of the Haunted" card and revives all three previous monsters that Joey destroyed. Not only do these zombies get a field power bonus they can't be damaged in attacks! Joey's in big trouble!...TO BE CONTINUED
Episode 16 Since the last episode poor Joey was forced to duel against Bones. It begins when Joey is hopelessly losing against Bones while Yugi and his friends are still searching for him. Every monster summoned by Joey is instantly annihilated by Bones' zombies. Not only do his zombies gain a 30% field power bonus for returning as zobies, Bones summons the Pumpking, the king of Ghosts. This monster gives his other monsters a 10% attack bonus every turn!!! If Joey loses he will be eliminated for the tournament! Luckily Yugi, Tristan, Tea and Bakura show up just in time and eventhough Bones has a trap card in play that prevents Joey from casting his monsters in defense mode. Joey with the help of Yugi casts a monster card and combines it with the "Shield and Sword" magic card card which switches each monsters attack and defense points on the field. Zombies with no attack powers and no will of their own are instantly crushed by Joey's 1000/700 monster. Bandit Keith is furious! He grabs 10 star chips from Bones and the gang and walks off looking to settle his score with Pegasus leaving a boulder blocking the cave entrance. Will Yugi and friends be trapped in the cave forever???
Episode 17 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trilogy (Part One)
   Trapped in a dark cave with an unmovable rock blocking the entrance Yugi and his friends begin to walk through the cave. Bakura discovers that his Millenium Ring starts to glow and pull him towards Pegasus’s Millenium Eye. Suddenly Bakura stops running and they find themselves looking into a strange room with a dueling field! Then two eliminators appear, Para and Dox. Yugi and Joey are forced into a team duel with them. The rules are simple whoever loses all of their life points on either team causes both team members to lose the duel. But that’s not all; they duel on a maze field where in order for Yugi and Joey to win they must find a way to the other side. Each duel monster is only allowed to move the number of spaces in the maze equal to their level. Joey wagers two star chips and Yugi risks four. The duel begins. If they win Yugi and his friends may decide which door to take on the other side of the room one leads to despair and the other leads to Pegasus
Episode 18 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trilogy (Part Two)
Yugi and Joey unite in a tag team duel against the Paradox Brothers. They manage to fend off their opponent’s monsters pretty well at first. However, everything changes when their team of monsters become separated from each other when one of the Paradox brothers casts a shifting maze magic card. Now their exit is blocked and they must regroup and start over. But things are about to get even worse as the Paradox brothers manage to draw all three pieces of the gate guardian! The thunder, wind and water element monsters combine to form the gate guardian, an Exodia class monster! Now summoned it blocks the exit to the maze and perhaps any hope of victory for Yugi and Joey when they realize neither of them have any monster powerful enough to defeat the Gate Guardian….TO BE CONTINUED
Episode 19 Yu-Gi-Oh! Trilogy (Ending)
   The Duel continues between Yugi, Joey and the Paradox brothers. Both challengers unleash their strongest monsters, the Summonded Skull and the Red Eyes Black Dragon, but even their attack power pales in comparison to the unstoppable power of the Gate Guardian. Alone, Yugi and Joey have no chance, but they will unleash the greatest power of all teamwork! They manage to combine The Red Eyes Black Dragon and the Summoned Skull to form the all powerful Black Skull Dragon! Yugi uses his talents and manages to defeat the water element part of the Gate Guardian and then uses the Monster Reborn magic card to bring it back under their control. Then he casts a magic card to switch his Dark Magician(At the end of the maze) with the Black Skull Dragon. Now face to face the Black Skull Dragon deals a devestating attack annihilating the Gate Guardian! The eliminators are defeated! Yugi and Joey gain ten star chips and may now gain entrance to Pegasus' Castle...
Episode 20 Duel Of the Century (Seto Kaiba vs. Yami Yugi)
This episode begins as Pegasus tells Kaiba that he must duel Yugi in order to earn the right to duel him. Pegasus makes a promise that he will only return his brother’s soul when he defeats Yugi and humiliates him in the duel. When Yugi and his friends climb to the top of Pegasus’Castle steps Kaiba blocks the entrance to Pegasus' Castle. He challenges Yugi to a duel to see who truly deserves to duel Pegasus. But Kaiba has a new reason to duel he now understands the heart of the cards and duels to save Mokuba. Yugi’s millennium puzzle activates and he becomes Yami Yugi. Yami Yugi accepts Kaiba’s challenge and both wagers five star chips.They duel on top of Pegasus' Castle with Kaiba's Holo dueling technology. Kaiba Starts off with his Ryu-Kishin Powered and Yugi responds with his Curse of Dragon instantly destroying Kaiba’s creature. Next Kaiba casts his Swordstalker, which gains 20% of the creature previously destroyed by Yugi's attack points making it a 2400/1600 creature! However, Yugi has just the trap card prepared, his monster switch card allows him to switch the Curse of Dragon with the strongest creature in his hand the Dark Magician! Again Kaiba’s monster is destroyed! Now Yugi recasts his Curse Of Dragon and Kaiba sends out La Jinn the Mystical Genie of The Lamp and combines it with a magic lamp card that protects Kaiba’s Genie in a lamp. When Yugi's Dark Magician attacks it the Lamp deflects Yugi’s attack and it destroys Yugi’s Curse of Dragon instead! Now both players are tied and 1500 life points. But is Kaiba’s just getting started as he waits to assemble all three Blue Eyes White Dragons to create the Ultimate Dragon!…TO BE CONTINUED
Episode 21 Duel of the Century (Part 2)
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Episode 22 Duel of the Century (Ending)
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