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Updated  April 6th, 2002
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The Duel Monsters Card Game is out!!!!!!! The company Upper Deck who prints sports cards will be printing the Duel Monsters set in the United States. Yugioh starter packs should retail for $9.99, nine card boosters will sell for $2.99 and there will be two starter decks, The Yugi deck and the Kaiba deck, will include 50 cards, a rule booklet, and a duel field. Booster packs will include eight commons and one rare. There are 82 common cards(1:1pack), 22 rare cards(1:1pack), 10 super rare cards(1:6packs), and 10 ultra rare cards(1:12packs).
The Dark Duel Stories game for Game Boy Advanced is currently scheduled to be released on MARCH 18TH.The adventures begin in Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Duel Stories. Players duel to become the strongest duelist in the world. Battling for stronger cards and experience in the Duel Monsters card game. players create their own 40-card deck. In order to gain cards, players can win duels, import cards from passwords found on Official Trading Cards, trade with friends using a game boy link-cable, or even create new cards!!!
This PS2 Game will be released on MARCH 29TH of this year. Forbidden Memories for PS2 may be pre-ordered at Amazon. In Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories players take a journey to ancient Egypt and begin on an adventure to save the world from total annihilation! It is only the young pharaoh who can unlock the mysteries of the Shadow Game and the Seven Magical Items. Players duel with the townspeople to decipher clues and solve puzzles to prevent the kingdom’s impending doom!!!
Yu-g-ioh! Will air Monday-Friday and Saturday mornings each week on Kids' WB beginning APRIL 1ST.
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Dark Duel GB Advance
PS2 Forbidden Memories              
My new Shadow Duelists group allows you to Duel Online using the apprentice patch created by Yugioh Dungeon. Join our elite group of duelists today!
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