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24 August 2003 - No DVD Commentaries for S1!

In a recent letter, the President of Anchor Bay Entertainment said that there will not be a re-release any time soon of the Season 1 DVD's.  However, the Audio and Video Commentaries WERE Recorded! 

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30 August 2003 - Review/Track List for S2 DVDs.

With the long anticipated release of the Xena Season 2 DVD's, here is a track listing for each DVD in the seven disc set.

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10 September 2003 - Lucy Returns to TV

Yes, my fellow Xenites, she's back.  You just can't keep that Lucy Lawless down!  Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Creation Entertainment stating that Xena herself has a role in the new WB Television Series Tarzan.  Maybe she'll teach the producers of the show her battle cry!  This is all over the web, but here's the Creation version. 

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31 October 2003 - New Lucy Scan (Updated!)

Things have been pretty quiet in the Xenaverse for a while, but luckily I received a cool article out of the USA Weekend Magazine, mentioning Lucy, Kevin Sorbo, and Adrian Paul. 

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10 October 2004 - FINALLY!  An Update!

Hey All!

It's amazing!  I promised to have this entire page re-done by mid-June, but I haven't been able to access the update software!  (Today, I guess the computer felt like cooperating!)  So, here's the lastest:

The Xena Season Five DVD set will be released on October 19, 2004.
Anchor Bay seems to be pulling out the stops with this new DVD set, as if Season Four wasn't enough.  It will be packed with extras, and presented in a Ten-Disc DVD set.  Audio/video commentaries will be presented on four select episodes from cast and crew.  Video interviews were also conducted on certain episodes.  And, let's not forget about the exclusive 30 minute interview bonus when you purchase the sets from Best Buy, or order online from Best  Be sure to get out there and support Xena!  For a tracklist of all the DVD sets, click here.

See you soon with more updates and look changes!  Also, be sure to check out my newly updated
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