Class 47 Gallery
Green liveried 47004, at                  47033 & 47356 pause at            47053 in Tinsley shed              47096 & 47102 await their fate
Reading                                            Newport with a wood                                                                  at Tinsley

47145 at Tinsley Open Day          47275 & 37678 pass Eastleigh    A busy scene at Doncaster           47284 passes Doncaster
                                                                                                            with 47281, 56121 and 47370

47291 & 47361 wait in Didcot        47304 on a freighliner train            47326 passes Chesterfield                47331 passes  Chesterfield
Yard while an HST stops in            passes 47532 with mail, at
Parkway Station                              Newport

47347 passes Reading                     47352 passes Chesterfield              47375 with Porterbrook 47817      47375 with a commemorative
                                                                                                                 Tinsley Open Day                         headboard at Tinsley Open

47378 passes Reading                     47467 arrives at Exeter St Davids 47481 on mail vans in the early      47484 arrives at Reading with
                                                        with a Summer Saturday                hours at Crewe                                a test train
                                                         Liverpool - Paignton service

47484 having just run around         47500 awaits departure from         47503 with a train of HST stock   47513 arrives at York with
at Reading                                       Leeds with an evening mail             approcahes Dawlish                      a railtour

47519 at Reading with the Roy        47530 at Reading with a mail          47531 with 43189 & 43192            47531 with 43189 & 43192 at
Castle Tour of Hope                                                                                  leave Exeter St Davids                    Exeter St Davids

47543 & 47572 Ely Cathedral         47587 leaves Dawlish with a           47642 & 47491 arrive in Exeter      47704 rounds Langstone rock
in charge of a mail train at                Summer Saturday Liverpool to        with an afternoon mail
Bristol Temple Meads                     Paignton working

A rare visitor to the South             47717 at Dawlish with a                  47738 light engine at York              47774 rushes through Newton
West, Scotrail 47706 with the        Liverpool - Paignton train                                                                       Abbot with an afternoon mail
1253 to Paignton ex Liverpool
leaving Dawlish

47786 & 47519 at Westbury with   47803 in experimental Porterbrook 47807 powers away from              47811 and an HST at Reading
the Roy Castle Tour of Hope          livery outside Bristol Bath road       Dawlish with a Manchester to      with Cross Country workings
                                                          depot. 47829 and stored 47555       Paignton train
                                                          are behind.

47813 arrives at Dawlish with         47814, at Reading                            47815, at Birmingham New St         47816leaves Dawlish heading from
the 0908 to Glasgow                                                                                                                                          Manchester to Paignton. 43004 trails
                                                                                                                                                                            43139 on a London working

47817, at Tinsley open Day            47825 arrives in Exeter.159021     47826 arriving in York                     47829 arrives in Dawlish with
                                                          has arrived in Platform 3.                                                                       the 0639 to Paignton, overnight
                                                                                                                                                                         from Glasgow

47829, at York                                 47831, at Birmingham New St         47831 passes Dawlish                    47841 passes Dawlish Warren
                                                                                                                                                                           with a Liverpool - Paignton

47841 passes Dawlish Warren        47846 stands at Reading                  47847 & 47784, at Plymouth          47851 at Bristol Temple Meads
with a Liverpool - Paignton

A Class 47/8 arriving at Bristol      A Class 47/8 arriving at Bristol         A busy scene at Bristol Bath           A 47 passes Cockwood Harbour
                                                                                                                   Road with 5 47's on hand                with a Paignton - Preston train

A 47 passes Cockwood Harbour    A class 47/8 at Didcot                      A 47 in old red stripe railfreight      A RES class 47 skirting the Dawlish
with a Paignton - Preston train                                                                 passes Chesterfield with a long       sea wall
                                                                                                                  steel train

An unidentified class 47,                A class 47/7 outside Doncaster
arriving at Exeter                             works


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