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You And Me

You laugh and say, 'I'd love your life!'
I smile and say, 'You'd hate it.'
You say I've got an easy ride,
I say, 'You think I fake it?'

You say it seems I have the life
Most others always want.
I say I should be having fun
At my age, but I can't.

You say that I exaggerate,
It can't be all that bad.
I say that if you lived like me
Then you would understand.

You say, 'You don't need pain relief
For sleeping all the time.'
I say, 'But there is so much more
And sleeping's just one sign.'

You say I should just get on up
And do a little more.
I ask if you have seen me crash,
Seen me crawling on the floor.

You say, 'But yesterday you were
Out for lunch with friends!'
I say, 'Yes, and I pay for it
With pain that never ends.'

You say 'If you could do it then
What's stopping you right now?'
I say, 'My body and my mind
Have broken me somehow.'

You say, 'You're just malingering
You could do it if you tried.'
I say that you have no idea
How I've fought against being tired.

You say, 'Show me the blood test,
Prove to me you're really ill.'
I say, 'I had a life once.
And I want and need it still.'

You say, 'You don't look that sick,
Maybe you just need to get out.'
I say, 'I tried that and I want to,
That you can't begin to doubt.'

You were my friend, you knew me,
Knew the girl I used to be.
I would never have let all that go
For this life that I now lead.

But the life I had is gone now
And I'll never get it back.
It's painful and it's scary
To think of all the things I lack.

So if you still want this shadow,
This lonely, empty shell,
Go ahead and take it,
Take from me this taste of hell.

But remember when you're lying there
Unnable to find the relief you seek
All the things you said to me.
See if you still think I'm weak.


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