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CFS Links

One of the best resources out there for personal points of view, information, articles and everything else :-)

A page for Peggy Munson's book, 'Stricken : Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'. It also has a lot of information on campaigning, awareness and support. Please pay special attention to her Awareness Day Letters!

An amazingly packed website about all aspects of living with Fibromyalgia, with help on how to explain it to others.

The Fibro/CFS Foothold - a great site, packed with articles, humour, personal experiences and information.

The National Fibromyalgia Association - articles, book reviews and information on living aids that can help. Updated all the time - fantastic!
Please take a special look at this funny but all too true article :
The Challenges of Being Chronically Ill

A great page for Fibro sufferers, including coping tips, medical journal listings and drug updates.

MSN's webMD centre for Fibromyalgia, including message boards and articles.

A great page full of information, coping tips and support.

A resource for caregivers of people with CFS

A memorial list for those with CFS who have died.

The Internet Health Directory - a vast list of web sites about all aspects of health and medicine, including personal experiences. Each entry has a summary and it is very well broken down. CFS can be found in the Neurological Disorders section :-)
Health Directory, Information, Links and more.

An interesting site from a young woman suffering from ME who has been through hospital treatment. Lots of information and a personal angle on what it's like to be sick.

For people with Irritable Bowel Sydrome - a condition many ME patients also have. Read the personal stories of IBS sufferers and share your own experiences.


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