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To Be An Amazon

For me, the essence of the Amazon is independence of spirit, not necessarily fighting or apart from men or physical strength, but that part of us that knows that we have worth and that is not ashamed of being who we are.

I am sick to the extent that I cannot look after myself. I need someone to cook, clean and get me drinks. Sometimes, I need help to eat and clothe myself. I cannot shower or take a bath by myself. And yet, I still have a fire inside that has strong opinions and a need to be heard. I have to ask for help, yes, but I am learning not to be ashamed of that. I have to rely on other people for all my basic needs, but I am still myself. I still have thoughts and feelings, and I embrace them. I try at all times to be honest with myself and to recognise those parts of me that need to be worked on. I recognise the darkness inside me and realise that it has worth too, that all experience is useful. I believe that only by recognising and embracing all of me will I grow and learn. I know what human beings are capable of in times of stress, and I know that by denying parts of myself, I will give them power over me, rather than learning to work with them and so harness their power.

I believe that an Amazon is strong in spirit and mind, that she knows her rights and is willing to fight for them, that she rails against injustice and is honest with everyone, including herself. I believe that being an Amazon holds responsibility and power - that having such strength requires her to use that strength wisely.

I also believe that to be an Amazon is to live a life of passion. It is to be angry, to love, to hurt, to scream, to laugh and to be serene, all to the extent of our beings. It is to know that sometimes life is overwhelming, and to be overwhelmed, and then to carry on without regret. It is to break down sometimes, to cry sometimes, to need help sometimes, and to still be proud of who we are. It is to live without the need to apologise for who we are, and yet to be sensitive to those who are more fragile. It is to be proud without being arrogant. It is to love deeply, knowing the risk of being hurt, and to not run away from that pain when it comes.

For us, there is no middle way, no sinking into the mire of mediocrity, no living without emotion. There is only the endless dance of life, with its joys and sorrows, its beauty and its terror. But we have been given the strength to endure these trials, which serve to create us as beautiful, wise, passionate beings who dream of greater things. We are the Amazons.


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