Behind the Mirror - The Illness Experience

Behind The Mirror - The Illness Experience Welcome to my webpage! I hope that everyone who finds themselves here finds something useful, or comforting. If you are looking for information, or for hope, then maybe it would be best to check out the links, because this is not a page about M.E., but about the experience of it. Chronic illness is a dark and lonely place, filled with fleeting moments of hope but more frequently frustration and disappointment. My poetry and other writings are an expression of this pain. They can offer hope, of a kind, to anyone willing to see it, but they are brutally honest.

I hold an unpopular view of dealing with this illness. I have continued to deteriorate ever since I became ill and so I am not reassured by the 'you'll be better soon' idea. I believe that this is self-destructive, if only for myself. Many people do well with this kind of thinking, but if I do not believe it, then I feel I am lying to myself. And so I decide to accept the possibility that I may be sick for a long time, or for the rest of my life, and to do the best I can with that situation.

This is my way of coping, and I have found very little support for this on the net or anywhere else. I hope that, if there is anyone else out there feeling as alone as I have done, that this page will offer some degree of support and friendship. I do not think that other ways of coping are wrong, just that they do not work for me.

I have found many fantastic sites about the science of M.E. and resources for those who suffer from it. I have listed some of them in the links section as they can say it all better than I can. This is just a way of pouring out my soul and making myself feel better, and if anyone else enjoys it, or it helps them to understand a little more, then all the better.

If anyone, by some miracle, wants to use any of my writing anywhere, then please feel free, as long as credit is given. If you want to use it anywhere commercial, then please ask permission. If you do link here, or use my work anywhere, then please let me know where it is, just to give me an ego boost!!

This site is mostly completed, but I will often be updating it when I write something new. However, if you have any feedback to give, or if there are any broken links, please email me or Sign my Guestbook.

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