I'm Richelle Scott, but most of my close friends call me Ricki. Call me either name,
I'm pretty flexible. Used to be called Spike for awhile, wanna hear why?
Obsession number one - age 13 - "Super Mario Brothers." Koopa had two goons -
Spike and Iggy.
My friend Christina settled on Iggy - and I was sattled with the name Spike.
I still have a lizard fetish...LOL
Now ya know!

Okay, I go to the University of Michigan, Flint. My birthday is June 8 - I'm 22.
I live with my mom and brother Andrew.(We call him Andy)
My Dad passed away a year ago, so it's just us three!

I've got a few best friends: Christina Kellogg (Chris),
Ryan Freels, Ryan LaPorte, Carrie Bard, and a few others I
talk to a bit since they've gone off to live their lives:
Connie Bidwell, Pauly Parsons, and Emmalee Bacha
Then there were The Guys a group that I played Warhammer with:
BJ, David, Jeremy, John, Jeff, and Desmond.

I'm usually kind of a loner,
have been for quite some time now, because I like to spend my
time alone. Mostly reading books, writing my stories,
climbing trees (Heh heh heh), or sitting on the roof watching stars.
Most of the things I really like to do are
things my friends don't have time for.

I love Italian and Chinese food, I write all the time, I love to paint,
I sing with the radio, and I like pansies. Can't you tell?
I used to grow them before I became a "gamer".
And then there is my sword collection - that's my new one in the picture.

But I think the thing I like most about me is my novel that I wrote over the course of six years.
It's called "Journey Through Shellopia" and is basically a fantasy novel.
I started when I was thirteen, and finished it in 1997.
I'm working on a 3rd person version of it, that might end up here on my website.

Heck, then I've got my Highlander stories that have kept me going until recently.
I love writing about swordfights and romances...
I guess you've just got to write stuff that never happens to you down.
I finished the last of the series but have yet to get all of the stories online.

The last topic I like the most - is unicorns.

I've loved unicorns since a kid, and you can always find tons of unicorns in my room,
in amoungst the TV, Movie, and other assorted things I have in my room.
(Just ask my friends) My friend M calls me "Queen of the Unicorns"
and I'm deserving of it.

Oh yes - never must I ever forget my internet habit.
I started on this webpage in 1998, it had two pictures of Methos. Before I knew it I had collected over a hundred pictures,
from both the series and from still shots taken from Peter Wingfield and the crew.
Before that year was out I had a total of three webpages and a webring, all of which I still run.
Now in 2001 I've started to revamp my pages and toss the old out and bring in some new stuff.
Since I'm such a computer junkie I love writing email to anyone who writes (you'll always get an answer!)
and I'm now working on a Frequently Asked Question page where I'm starting to post letters.

I've started to make all of my backgrounds and buttons,
like the unicorns on this page - and the homepage,
All made by yours truly.
Feel free to write me if you like...
I love hearing from everyone who visits my site.

Last Obsession... Obviously Highlander.
I'll finish here with my motto:
"Dream it, wish it, write it down, and it might just come true."


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