For all Kinds of Immortal Questions

I'm just starting this page for all the questions I've been receiving recently on everything Highlander!
If you have any questions for me feel free to write me! Ricki's Highlander Questions

Q - "In the Highlander movies, what car did Connor drive?"
A - Porsche 365 (1985?)

Q - "What epsiodes were Methos in?"
A - Methos, Finale 1, Finale 2, Chivalry, Timeless, Deliverance, Methuselah's Gift, Through a Glass Darkly, Till Death, Judgement Day, One Minute to Midnight, The Messenger, The Valkyrie, Comes a Horseman, Revelation 6:8, Forgive Us Our Tresspasses, The Modern Prometheus, Archangel, Indescretions, To Be, Not to Be.

Q - How many episodes was Duncan MacLeod not in?
A - Two, both in season 6: "Two of Hearts" and "Indescretioons".

Q - "Where can I find a timeline of Methos's past?"
A - There are many websites that hold a timeline of his history - many can be found through the links and webrings page - but Methos' past is still pretty cloudy since the show's producers didn't give him many flashbacks.

Q - "Do Watchers know that Adam Pierson is immortal (or Methos)?"
A - Officially in the series they never did reveal whether they knew, but according to things that were written afterwards they did find out and weren't very happy that he had been in the Watchers so long without them knowing it!!

Q - "Was Joe still a Watcher on the end of series?"
A - Yes, he still was, and still is during the fourth movie, End Game. At one time he was almost kicked out of the Watchers, almost resigned once as well, but he stayed on because he was needed.

Q - "Oh, yes, and can you tell me what does it mean: Quickening?"
A - "Quickening" stands for the life force and essence that is within an immortal. When an immortal gets his or her head chopped off that life force escapes and flows into the immortal who took the head, or disappears if there is no other immortal present. The Quickening, in some circles, is what an immortal feels if another is around, but it basically holds all of the knowledge, strength, and wisdom (or evil) that an immortal stored after becoming immortal, the longer they live the stronger it becomes.

Q - " What is the earliest memory of Methos? Is it his first Quickening? Does he know about his childhood?"
A - No one really knows how far back Methos can remember. Most people assume that he can remember the first time he experienced a Quickening, others believe he can remember further back than that. What Methos himself reveals is that he's not sure how old he is for sure but it was around the first time he took a head.


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