Sri Nityananda Rama





Sri Nityananda Rama



I surrender unto the lotus feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, who is known as

Sankarsana in the midst of the catur-vyuha (consisting of Vasudeva,

Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha). He possesses full opulences and resides in Vaikunthaloka, far beyond the material creation.

(Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila chap 1.8)

All of this is from Caitanya-bhagavata, except for the Cc verses-


The Supreme Lord Haladhara holds His thousand hoods like snakes. He is a gigantic figure and the source of all inspiration. As Nityananda He is fully transcendental and eternally existent, intoxicated by the nectar of Sri Caitanya. Whoever sings or hears about Nityananda's supramundane character is offered the supreme shelter of Lord Caitanya. Mahesa and his consort Parvatidevi take great pleasure in eulogizing the object of their love - Sankarsana, Nityananda Prabhu. In the midst of a million fresh young maidens, the pure devotee, Sri Siva, and his consort pour out nectarean devotional hymns to Lord Sankarsana.


  All this is revealed in the Fifth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Balarama is worshipped by the entire Vaisnava world with songs of praise. Balarama danced with His gopis in Vrndavana, and their rasa dance is the pinnacle of sublimity. The Puranas describe that Balarama performed His rasa dance during the two months of spring, Madhava and Madhu. The Srimad Bhagavatam verses narrating this subject were spoken by Sukadeva Gosvami to Maharaja Pariksit. Balarama spent the moonlit nights of the months of Vaisaka and Caitra with the cowherd damsels in the supramundane abode of Vrndavana. The place was set aglow with the rays of the moon. The lotus and kadamba flowers bloomed freely under the influence of the moon's rays, and a soft breeze circulated their scent. In the groves on the bank of the Jamuna, Balarama danced with the gopis, increasing their conjugal mood. 


 The Supreme Lord Balarama, like a exquisite gem decorated by the cluster of gopis, performed His pleasurable pastimes. He behaved like Indra's elephant Airavata - the controller of many she-elephants. The Gandharvas observed the rasa dance and offered their prayers. The sound of kettle drums rose from the heavens, the demigods joyously showered flowers upon Them, and the Gandharvas and sages worshipped the Supreme Lord Balarama with verses praising His activities. The sages unequivocally denounce association with women, yet they sung hymns in praise of Balarama's rasa dance with His cowherd damsels. The demigods attended Balarama's rasa dance to shower flower petals. They knew that there was no difference between Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama, Haladhara. The transcendental qualities of Balarama are obscure in the four Vedas, but the Puranas describe them boldly. What power do I have to describe them? Out of ignorance, some people disregard the Puranas and reject Balarama's rasa dance as unauthentic.

May Sri Nityananda Rama be the object of my constant remembrance. Sankarsana, Sesa Naga and the Visnus Who lie on the Karna Ocean, Garbha Ocean and ocean of milk are His plenary portions and the portions of His plenary portion. (Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila chap 1.7)

The two brothers, Lord Krsna and Balarama, performed the rasa dance with the gopis in the same place in Vrndavana. On the radiant full moon night of holi, at the end of sivaratri vrata, Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama, accompanied by Their cowherd boy friends, enjoyed Themselves in the midst of the beautiful maidens of Vrndavana. They were both pleasingly decorated with the finest jewelry, sandalwood pulp, wildflower garlands and exquisite clothes. The fortunate gopis sang sweetly, their hearts enraptured by love for Krishna and Balarama. Evening had not set in; the moon and the stars appeared. The fragrance of Arabian jasmine intoxicated the bumblebees, and a light breeze carried the aromas of white lilies and lotus flowers. Considering that very moment to be appropriate, Krsna and Balarama began Their pleasurable dalliances. They sang together for the pleasure of all living entities, Their voices rising and falling melodiously. 

If a person, after reading Srimad Bhagavatam, is not affectionately inclined towards Lord Balarama, then he is rejected by the Supreme Lord Vishnu and His devotees. In the words of Srimad Bhagavatam, a non-believer is a yavana ( a barbarian). He is destined to suffer in hell, birth after birth. There are others who, like eunuchs, make emotional gesticulations, challenging, "Which scripture describes the rasa dance of Balarama?" Who is so sinful that even after reading the scriptures, he can not accept the truth, but misinterprets the real meaning and gives his own distorted understanding? 

Lord Balarama is the abode of Lord Caitanya's deep affection. Offense at Balarama's lotus feet destroys all possibilities for salvation. In His incarnation as Laksmana the younger brother of Lord Ramacandra, Balarama enacted the role of the Lord's servitor. Yet in His manifestation as the Supreme Lord, Balarama serves Himself in every respect - as a friend and a brother, by fanning Him, putting Him to sleep, glorifying Him with Vedic invocations and expanding Himself as His house, umbrella, attire, jewelry and seat. "O Lord ! Your direct, partial expansion, Ananta Sesa, is the source of all the various ingredients for Your service in the transcendental realm of Vaikuntha. 

Ananta Sesa is famous because He is manifest as Your residence, bed throne, shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc. When shall I see you with Laksmidevi seated on the throne of Ananta Sesa? Ananta Sesa's partial expansion is the mighty Sri Garuda whose satisfaction is derived from acting as the Lord's carrier in every pastime. Ananta's devotees include Brahma, Siva, the four Kumaras, Srila Vyasadeva, Sukadeva Gosvami, Narada Muni and others. His glorious qualities are unlimited and are not fully understood by anyone. He is the original personality, the greatest mystic, the Supreme Lord, and the greatest devotee of the Vaisnavas.

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, whose secondary part is the Visnu lying in the ocean of milk. That Ksirodakasayi Visnu is the Supersoul of all living entities and the maintainer of all the universes. Sesa Naga is His further sub-part. (Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila chap 1.11)

Finally they arrived at Panihati village on the banks of the River Ganga. Lord Nityananda went first to Sri Raghava Pandita's house, and put up there with all His devotees. Both Raghava Pandita and Sri Makardhavaja Kan and their families were very happy to receive their most exalted guests. The guests remained there for a few days. In that wonderful atmosphere Lord Nityananda and His devotees felt always spiritually exhilerated. Every once in awhile Lord Nityananda would roar out His appreciation. Once He felt strongly within Himself the spiritual urge to dance. Suddenly all the singers began appearing there. Sri Madhava Ghosa, the famous kirtana singer came. His kirtana singing was the best in the whole world. He was known as the singer from Vrndavana because he was especially expert because he was especially expert in singing about the Lord's pastimes in Vrndavana, which were Lord Nityananda's favorite kirtanas.

Lord Nityananda danced with such ecstatic abandon that the earth reeled under His weight. Roaring sounds like thunder incessantly issued from His mouth, and when He fell crashing to the ground people stood back in amazement. When His merciful glance fell on any person, he was instantaneously infused with divine love of Godhead, and by the power of that love the recipient also fell to the ground swooning. Lord Nityananda is the embodiment of the highest spiritual love, and He has advented simply to alleviate the suffering due to ignorance in this world. While dancing, He manifested all the different ecstatic symptoms of divine love. Finally He sat down on Lord Visnu's throne and aquiesed to a request to be bathed by the devotees.

Sri Raghava Pandita and His other eternal associates immediately made preparations for the abhiseka or bathing ceremony. They carried in hundreds of pots filled with Ganga water and perfumed it with delicate aromas. The devotees one by one poured water over His head with a gladdened heart, and all the while chanted the Lord's holy name. The devotees chanted appropriate mantras for the abhiseka and felt divine exhilaration surge through their person. After the abhiseka they clothed Him in fresh new clothes, decorated Him with sandalwood paste, and covered His full broad chest with garlands of fragrant wild flowers and tulasi leaves. Then they made Him sit on the ornate Visnu throne of shining gold draped with flower garlands and leaves. When Lord Nityananda sat down, Sri Raghava Pandita went behind the throne and held an open umbrella over His head.

The whole house now began to reverberate with jubilant sounds of human voices chanting the holy name mingled with the melody of musical instruments. Lifting their arms and begging the Lord to protect them, the devotees forgot all their cares and worries and even their own bodies. Lord Nityananda, now totally steeped in the ecstacy of His own divine self, glanced all around, emanating love of Godhead from His eyes, and also showered them with merciful drops of tears.

I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, whose partial representation called Karanodakasayi Visnu, lying on the Karana Ocean, is the original purusa, the master of the illusory energy, and the shelter of all the universes. (Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila chap 1.9)

He called Raghava Pandita and ordered, "Dear Raghava Pandita, go and bring Me right this moment a garland of kadamba flowers. I am very fond of kadamba flowers. In fact I am always attracted to stay in the kadamba forest." With folded hands Sri Raghava Pandita replied, "But my Lord, this is not the season for kadambas." The Lord gently pressed, "Go and look carefully in the garden. Maybe a few can be seen blooming somewhere." Sri Raghava Pandita went inside the house to the garden and was very astonished to see what met his eyes. Fresh and lovely kadamba flowers were blooming gleefully in his lemon tree. The flowers were a beautiful hue and gave out sweet fragrance. In fact, these extraordinary flowers could destroy all the material attachments of anyone looking at them. Sri Raghava Pandita was beside himself with joy as he beheld this supramundane phenomenon.

He quickly gathered the kadamba flowers and began to deftly string them into a garland, and then brought it before Lord Nityananda. Lord Nityananda was greatly pleased to see the kadamba garland, and He placed it around His neck. The Vaisnavas were intoxicated with the heady aroma of the flowers and were fascinated by the miracle. But soon another miracle took place. Suddenly the whole room was fragrant with a new scent. The delectable fragrance of Dona flower filled the air captivating everyone's mind. Laughing aloud, Lord Nityananda teased saying, "Tell Me which flower smells like that." The devotees replied with folded hands, "The air carries the delightful scent of dona."

Letting everyone speak first, Lord Nityananda finally revealed to them a great secret. He said with overflowing compassion, "Pay good attention to this very mysterious happening. Lord Caitanya has come from Nilacala and is present here and now to hear your kirtana. He is laden with dona flower garlands He is wearing around His neck, and He has entered the form of a tree. The scent from these divine garlands has now permeated everywhere. He has come personally from Puri to hear your kirtana and witness your dancing. Therefore, all of you leave everything else aside and just constantly chant the holy names of Krsna. Let the nectar of the wonderful activities of Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya infuse love of Godhead in you."

Revealing thus this transcendental happening, Lord Nityananda began to roar loudly, chanting, "Hari! Hari!" He glanced at everyone, His vision emanating sublime love of Godhead. The devotees, touched by the Lord's infinitely tender glance, were instantaneously transported to a region transcending the mundane plane of physical awareness. Dear readers, please try to comprehend the extraordinary potency of Lord Nityananda, how He innundated the entire planet with the knowledge and taste of devotional service to the Supreme Lord. That superexcellent mood of devotional surrender of the damsels of Vrndavana as is described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam was faciley made available by the mercy of Lord Nityananda to the whole world.

Lord Nityananda was sitting on the throne, and all the devotees sang and danced in front of Him. Some of the devotees, unable to contain their surging glee, climbed up a tree and began to move on tender branches and twigs, but miraculously did not fall. Others roared thunderously and jumped down from the tree. There were others who circled their arms around a tree trunk and uprooted the whole tree all the while loudly chanting "Hari! Hari!" Some became surcharged with such immense spiritual strength that they ran to the nearby rows of betelnut trees and putting their arms around a few of them uprooted them all at once like a bunch of grass. Lord Nityananda's extraordinary potency to infuse the devotees with blissful love of Godhead was so dynamic that their bodies began manifesting all the ecstatic symptoms of love of Godhead as described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam like crying, shivering, being paralyzed, perspiring profusely, horipilation, roaring, hoarseness, turning pale, and so on.

Sri Nityananda Rama 5 I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, a partial part of whom is Garbhodakasayi Visnu. From the navel of Garbhodakasayi Visnu sprouts the lotus that is the birthplace of Brahma, the engineer of the universe. The stem of that lotus is the resting place of the multitude of planets. (Caitanya-caritamrta Adi-lila chap 1.9) from Caitanya-bhagavata Antya-lila- Wherever Lord Nityananda glanced, He saw everyone being showered by the nectarine rain of devotional ecstasy. As His transcendental glance rested on any devotee, he was instantaneously injected with divine love, and swooning, that devotee fell to the ground unaware of the loss of his clothing. Magnetically drawn to the Lord's divine person, the devotees stretched out in an attempt to reach Him. The Lord, a perfect picture of complacency, remained seated on His throne smiling benignly. All His many associates became imbued with extraordinary spiritual potency and mystic opulences. They became omniscient; their every word became true; their features flowered into Cupid's beautiful attractiveness. Whoever they touched became electrified with spiritual current thus making them lose any affiliations towards the mundane, even their own bodies. Lord Nityananda spent three months in Panihati performing transcendental pastimes with His associates. The three months passed quickly, carrying the devotees in the waves of divine ecstasy. Unconcerned about their physical needs, they sang and danced. Only the Vedas will try to fully describe in detail the activities that went on in Panihati. What Lord Nityananda did in the span of an hour is practically impossible for anyone to narrate exhaustively. Sometimes He danced in a stately manner surrounded by the devotees, and then suddenly He decided to sit on the throne and ordered the devotees to dance before Him one by one. During each of the devotees' dance performance, many incidents occurred. The dancing inspired transcendental loving emotions amongst the devotees, drowning them in a deluge of love of Godhead. All the spectator devotees fell swooning in a moment when the ecstasy reached an apex. It looked like a cluster of banana trees being uprooted in a storm. The devotees did as directed by Lord Nitynanda. They constantly chanted Lord Caitanya's glories led by Lord Nityananda. The whole atmosphere was spiritually highly volatile. Whoever came even to simply watch the happening would be so infected with this spiritual mood that they would also become totally involved, oblivious of everything else. Whatever the devotees desired was immediately fulfilled. Thus the three months seemed to fly by without anyone noticing. One day during these three months, Lord Nityananda felt the desire to decorate Himself with ornaments and fine dresses. No sooner He felt the urge and fineries were being brought by different people without prior information. All these gifts were very precious and of the best quality. The finest silks, exquisite gold jewelry studded with brilliant gems. The people came with their gifts and offered them to the Lord with great reverence. The Lord tried on all the different ornaments. There was such a wide variety of all shapes and designs of jewelry that one had never seen before. Gold ornaments studded with pearls, emeralds, rubies, the gold intricately worked upon to give exquisite designs. He wore beautiful rings on all His ten fingers. Many brilliant necklaces of priceless gems decorated His neck and chest. Then showing special favor to Lord Siva, He slipped two Rudraksa necklaces around His neck. As He moved, the light set afire the gems set into His golden earrings. The silver anklets around His lotus feet tinkled pleasingly. White, cream, blue and yellow silks draped Him in flowing grace. An enchanting sight it was indeed. Devotees had lovingly made beautiful garlands of fragrant flowers like malati, malika, yuthi, and campaka and now put them over His head to sit delicately on His chest with the rest of the shimmering gems. But with each motion they swayed. The fragrance of these garlands mingled mingled with the aroma of fresh sandalwood paste that were applied on His body filled the air with a heavy sweet scent. Soft shining silks of different hues were tied around His head to make a multicolored turban. Bright flower garlands were also neatly placed on the turban to make a unique headgear. His happy face exuded irresistible glowing charm enough to overshadow the brilliance of a million moons. Smiling, He constantly chanted the Lord's name. His lotus-eyed glance roved the room and released in every heart the floodgate of love of Godhead. Two iron rods that shone like silver stood on either side of His throne. He held one in His hand as Lord Balarama holds His plough. His associates, who were actually the expansions of the cowherd boys of Vraja, took up different ornaments and instruments that decorate them as they go grazing the cows. They dresses themselves with armlets, belts, anklets, necklaces; tied horns, flutes and reeds to their belts; and looped the rope for tying cows around their shoulders. Then Lord Nityananda went out with all His associates as if going to graze the cows. They visited the houses of all the Vaisnavas residing on both banks of the Ganga. Himself immersed in an ocean of ecstasy that was within Himself, the Lord blessed everyone with His association. The people were helplessly drawn to Him on sight, captivated by His power and beauty. He is the embodiment of all transcendental mellows, representing both the holy name and the Supreme Godhead Himself. Even the atheists and agnostics upon seeing Him began to offer prayers to Him feeling an urge in their melted hearts to offer everything to Him. The most munificent Lord showers causeless mercy upon all.

Sri Nityanandastaka, eight prayers glorifying Lord Nityananda, by Srila Vrndavana dasa Thakura text 1 I worship Lord Nityananda, the limitless root of the tree of devotional service, Who is pure and splendid as the autumn moon, Who walks in gracefully as majestic elephant, Who is maddened with pure love of Krsna, Who is the Absolute Truth, Who smiles, Whose eyes are always rolling, Who holds a staff in His hand, and Who breaks the power of the age of Kali. from Caitanya-bhagavata Antya-lila- Wherever He went, whatever He did, Lord Nityananda was constantly absorbed in sankirtana. And when He began dancing and singing kirtan, He sent everyone reeling in spirals of divine exultation. Even the young children exhibited wonderful powers in His presence. Children from ordinary households manifested such strength that they uprooted big trees roaring loudly like thunderbolts. They said, "I am a cowherd boy," and ran about. Hundreds tried to hold these children but failed to do so. This was such an extraordinary feat for a mere child. The children chanted jubilantly, "Sri Krsna Caitanya, jaya Nityananda!" A more wonderful phenomenon then came to light. The children had gone without food for an entire month. Everyone was amazed, so before they lost their minds, they prayed to Lord Nityananda and took shelter of Him. The Lord looked after the children like a father. He fed them, actually putting food in their mouths. Sometimes He bound them, making them sit next to Him. He would even beat them as a disciplinarian, and enjoying Himself, He would laugh out loudly. One day Lord Nityananda came to the house of Gadadhara dasa feeling great affection for him. Sri Gadadhara dasa was always submerged in the ecstatic mood of the gopis of Vraja. Lifting a water pot filled with Ganga water on his head, he would go around vending, "Who wants to buy cowsmilk?" Such was his absorption in the mood of Vraja. In his house he worshiped a beautiful Deity of Lord Bala Gopala, Krsna. When Lord Nityananda came inside the house and saw the charming Bala Gopala Deity, He immediately picked Him up and held Him to His chest. All the devotes began to chant Krsna's name loudly, and Lord Nityananda, roaring like a lion began to dance. Sri Madhava Ghosa started singing. He was specially gifted with a very sweet voice, and so when his song described Krsna's pastimes of levying taxes on the gopis, Lord Nityananda was overwhelmed with a surge of divine emotions. Thus the Lord was engaged in ecstatic pastimes with the most fortunate Gadadhara dasa who never forgot for a moment that he was a gopi. The Lord continued to dance so gracefully that it is impossible to describe His graceful movements. He manifested all the ecstatic symptoms and the transformations of ecstatic emotion of love of Godhead. His movements were like flashes of lightening, yet charming and delicate. The expressions with His eyes and eyebrows were subtle, and He always kept a mild smile playing on His lips. The movements of His head were expertly done like a seasoned classical dancer, knowing the correct nuances to express the various transcendental moods. Then bringing His exquisite feet together, He began to jump with ease and flowing movements. He was the all-merciful Lord, so wherever He looked all the men and women felt drawn into an ocean of indescribable bliss. Such was the impact of His benign glance that everyone lost all sense of time, body and matter, and experienced only an overwhelming joy. The divine devotional bliss that Lord Nityananda showered on everyone without discrimination by His causeless mercy was the object of great value for very elevated yogis and sages. By His mercy, other miracles also came to be manifest. When a grown-up man as strong as an elephant has to fast for three days, he becomes weak. The children were fasting for a month, but now when they danced they seemed to have more energy and stamina than a lion. And although Lord Nityananda manifested such miraculous powers, no one could understand how everything was happening due to the illusory potency of the Lord, Sri Krsna Caitanya. Lord Nityananda spent a few days in Gadadhara dasa's house drowning everyone in an ocean of transcendental bliss. Gadadhara dasa felt divine exhilaration. Forgetting the mundane surrounding, he constantly chanted and made everyone also chant encouraging them tirelessly.

Sri Nityanandastaka, eight prayers glorifying Lord Nityananda, by Srila Vrndavana dasa Thakura text 2 I worship Lord Nityananda, the limitless root of the tree of devotional service, Who is the abode of the mellows of devotional service, to Whom no one can be compared, Who is His devotees' life-treasure, Who is the Lord of Jahnava-devi and Vasudhe-devi, Who both think Him more dear than life, Who is always maddened with pure love of Krsna, and Whom the unintelligent non-devotees cannot understand is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. from Caitanya-bhagavata Antya-lila- In that same village lived a very tyrannical Muslim priest, or Kazi. He was strongly opposed to the congregational chanting of the holy names. Intoxicated with spiritual ecstasy, Gadadhara dasa one night made his way to the Kazi's house. Everyone was mortally fearful of the Kazi, but Gadadhara dasa this night strode fearlessly to his residence. Never once did he stop chanting as he entered the house. The Kazi's friends and family members stared speechless in disbelief at Gadadhara dasa. Gadadhara dasa said, "Where is that rascal Kazi? He had better chant Krsna's name or I will sever his head." The Kazi came charging in, fuming with rage, but seeing Gadadhara dasa he calmed himself. The Kazi inquired, "Why have you come here, Gadadhara dasa?" Gadadhara dasa replied, "I have some things to discuss with you. Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda have incarnated in this age and have inspired the entire world to chant Krsna's holy name. Only you remain to chant, so I have come to urge you to chant Lord Hari's name. The Lord's holy name is all auspicious and supremely beneficial, and I take responsibility for saving you from all sinful reactions if you simply chant." Although the Kazi was known to be very cruel, now he was speechless and stupefied. Then smiling wanly, the Kazi said, "Listen, Gadadhara dasa, tomorrow I will certainly comply with your request to chant "Hari! Hari!" but tonight please go home." As soon as Gadadhara dasa heard Lord Hari's name from the Kazi's mouth, he became jubilant. He said, "Why wait for tomorrow? Just now you have taken the Lord's name, and now you are completely free from all sins and inauspiciousness." Saying this to the Kazi, Sri Gadadhara dasa began to dance like a madman clapping his hands. Then suddenly he turned around and left, leaving a surprised Kazi still staring after him. Gadadhara dasa returned to his residence. Gadadhara dasa was always absorbed in meditating on Lord Nityananda. He is counted among the foremost of Lord Caitanya's associates. This Kazi was considered so evil that no saintly persons would come near him. In fact, they said his close proximity would contaminate anyone. Yet Gadadhara dasa showed his mercy even to such a demoniac person as he was. Gadadhara dasa was able to make him temporarily forget his malicious ways and inspire him to take Krsna's holy name once. The truth is that one who is imbued with love of Krsna can never be attacked by snakes, tigers or any wild beasts , or be burned by fire. The devotional surrender to Krsna Lord Brahma strives for, and the intimate loving exchanges of the gopis of Vrndavana with Krsna were all manifest in the persons of Lord Nityananda's associates solely by the causeless mercy of Lord Nityananda. Therefore, all of you, my brothers, please serve the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda. By His infinite grace one can attain the eternal shelter of Lord Caitanya. A few days passed, and one day Lord Nityananda had the urge to see Mother Saci. So He left the next day journeying towards Navadvipa with His associates. On the way He came to a village called Khardaha. He went to the house of Purandara Pandita. The Lord felt such great ecstasy that He began to dance jubilantly. It is impossible to pin down His graceful and lithe movements. Purandara Pandita was also a great devotee who was already mad with love of Godhead. He climbed up a tree and began to roar loudly like a lion. Another devotee named Caitanya dasa had become so surcharged with spiritual ecstasy that he was oblivious of everything around him. He ran into the forest chasing away the wild beasts with his rumbling roars. Once he saw a tiger and jumped on his back. The tiger was helpless, unable to do anything. Such is the potency of Lord Krsna's mercy. He then picked up a huge python and placed it on his lap and began to play with it fearlessly as he had earlier played with the tiger. All these miracles were taking place by Lord Nityananda's mercy. Lord Nityananda is especially inclined and affectionate to His devotees. He makes them very subtilely taste the highest devotional mellows that even Lord Brahma is hankering after. Sri Caitanya dasa was deep in ecstasy, totally forgetting himself. He continuously spoke his intimate thoughts. He remained in the water for several days without a trace of discomfiture. All his movements in this moment were practically unnoticeable, almost like an inert being. His devotional ecstasies were too numerous and subtle to be described. Sri Caitanya dasa was truly a very surrendered devotee, just like the great Murari Pandita. Even if the breeze that has touched his body touches someone, he can immediately feel growing attachment for Lord Krsna.

All glory to Lord Visvambhara the Lord and master of all the
Vaisnavas, please give us devotional service to You and make us
Your surrendered devotees.

Lord Nityananda performed many wonderful pastimes with Lord Caitanya in Navadvipa.  Lord Nityananda did innumerable extraordinary deeds engrossed in the ecstasy of love of Krsna, like a little boy He went about His work with simple enthusiasm.

He spoke always very sweetly to all the devotees He met, and danced laughed and sang to Himself in bliss.  Sometimes moved to outburst of ecstasy he roared loudly astonishing one and all. He sometimes jumped and swam in the crocodile infested swelling hissing monsoon waters of the Ganga, fearless and carefree.
Everyone grasped with consternation but Lord Nityananda swam
about in the waters laughing and splashing.  He swam about the
mood of Lord Ananta Sesa feeling completely at home in the waters
of the Ganga, while the spectator devotees held their breath in

At times Lord Nityananda became so surcharged with ecstasy in love of Krsna that He went into unconscious trance lasting three to four days.  These are some of the inconceivable pastimes of the Lord, they are endless and eternal and I am incapable of describing them all.  

One day Lord Caitanya was sitting alone when Lord Nityananda came to Him completely naked chuckling like a child; His eyes and pure face were twinkling and tears of limitless joy cascaded down His cheeks.  He went about repeating like loud peals of thunder  this sentence, "My Lord and master is Nimai Pandita of Nadia."

Lord Caitanya smiled, amused at the sight of Lord Nityananda's large, brilliant, beautiful formed and completely bare frame. Hastily Lord Caitanya removed the cloth from His own head and wrapped it around but Nimai continued to chuckle as if nothing happened.

Lord Caitanya then smeared perfume on His body, decorating Him with a flower garland and began to glorify Lord Nityananda, "Your name is Nityananda and so is Your form and demeanor, always and eternally blissful.  You are Nityananda now as You were Balarama before.  No one can interrupt the ecstatic and unlimited joy, You experience as Your name suggests, in everything You do whether, walking, eating or otherwise.  Ordinary men cannot appreciate
Your transcendental potencies. You are always to be found where Lord Krsna is present, Krsna is eternal and is the Absolute Truth  and so are You since You are His eternal associate.

Lord Nityananda is perpetually relishing the nectar of loving devotion to Lord Caitanya, all His words and deeds are fulfilling Lord Caitanya's inner most desire.  Lord Caitanya said to Him, "Since long I have one unfulfilled desire, I would like to have Your karpin loin cloth dress".  Saying this He went and brought His karpin, then tore it to many long strips.

The Lord then distributed one by one these strips to the assembled Vaisnavas, telling them, "Place it on your heads, these are most precious worshipable objects even to Lord Siva, the king of the Yogis; what to speak about others.  One attains the exalted position of becoming a pure devotee of the Supreme Lord
only by Nityananda's grace; all of you should know that He is the embodiment of Lord Krsna's full transcendental potencies.

Lord Caitanya continued, 

"Lord Nityananda is identical to and is the immediate expansion of Lord Krsna.  He is an eternal associate, friend and brother to Krsna, He expands Himself as Krsna's bed, ornaments and other such paraphernalia.  His character and pastimes are a mystery even in the Vedic literatures although He is everyone's
maintainer, protector and friend.  All His activities are full of devotional nectar to Lord Krsna; it is easy to attain the highest perfection of love of Krsna by serving Him.  So all of you place these strips from His karpina on Your heads and go home and worship it with care and regard." 

The Vaisnavas wrapped the Karpina strips lovingly around their heads following Lord Caitanya's instruction.  Again Lord Caitanya spoke, "listen, all you devotees! now drink the water that has washed the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda, this will immediately imbibe in your unfaltering faith in Lord Krsna's devotional
service, of this there is no doubt."  

Having received Lord Caitanya's instructions the devotees washed Lord Nityananda's lotus feet and drank the water, they drank as much as possible, five times, ten times and more, Lord Nityananda who was throughout the entire episode engrossed within Himself, remained smiling benignly. 

Lord Caitanya sat down and began to distribute this water (padodaka) with utmost pleasure.  The devotees drank and became intoxicated chanting, "Hari, Hari."  The devotees each expressed their joy, someone said, "Today was the fulfillment of my life", another said, "All the bonds of my material entanglement were served today", another commented, "today I feel I have become a
servant of Lord Krsna,"  still another voice said, "this water is so relishable, its sweet taste still lingers in my mouth."

This water was so unique that immediately upon drinking everyone became spiritually excited, some danced, some began to sing, others started rolling on the ground, and still others could not stop roaring out aloud in joy. 

Just then a jubilant kirtana started up, some devotees sang Krsna songs and others began to dance.  In a moment Lord Caitanya rose up and letting out a thunderous cry joined in the dance. Meanwhile Nityananda Prabhu also stood up and started dancing, unable to contain their joy the devotees encircled both their
Lordships and continued their ecstatic dancing and jostling.  

They were intoxicated with joy falling on each other, played little games touching each others feet and smearing their heads with the dust; some hung on to the others neck sobbing happily.

They all mingled happily forgetting the mood of reverence, the Lord and His servants all danced together.  Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda embraced each other ever so often and danced with blissful gestures.  Mother trembled under the rhythmic dancing of Lord Nityananda and the whole world resounded with, "Hari Hari".

Drowned in the nectarine ocean of love of Godhead Gaura and Nitai the Lords of Vaikuntha danced in ecstasy with their servitors. All these pastimes are endless they simply became manifest at a certain time and place and again became non manifest, this is clearly explained in the Vedas. 

After dancing the whole day, Lord Caitanya finally sat down with all His devotees.  He clapped thrice loudly and then spoke benignly, "Whoever worships Lord Nityananda in loving devotion loves Me also.  His lotus feet are worshipped by Lord Siva and Lord Balarama hence always offer your love and devotion to Him.

If anyone is critical of Him or dislikes Him then even if anyone is a devotee he is rejected by Me.  Whoever has even so much as received a slight touch of Lord Nityananda, Lord Krsna will never forsake him.  Lord Caitanya's words brought resounding applause from all the devotees. 

Whosoever hears these transcendental narrations with faith and devotion becomes protected and maintained by Lord Caitanya.  Such activities of Lord Nityananda Prabhu are fully understood by only those who are His confidential associates and the eternal associates of Lord Caitanya. 

Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya and Lord Nityananda Prabhu are my life and soul, I Vrndavana Dasa offer this song at Their lotus feet. 

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