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New New Article- The Meaning of Life

The Greatness of Srila Prabhupada- Great-Acharyas

Sri Giriraja Part Two - " O best of brahmanas, by visiting 

Govardhana Hill one attains a pious result ten million times 

greater than all those pious deeds together."

Personal Art Page of drawings and Gour-Nitai 

  Ramayana - Stories from the Ramayana

 Srila Prabhupada at the Avalon- At ten o'clock Prabhupada walked up the stairs of the Avalon, followed by Kirtanananda and Ranacora. As he entered the ballroom, devotees blew conchshells, someone began a drum roll, and the crowd parted down the center, all the way from the entrance to the stage, opening a path for him to walk.

Jayaradhe dasi - Tribute to our recently departed 

dear Godsister, Jayaradhe dasi

A little service - Lord Sri Ramacandra is so kind and 

merciful to His devotees that He is very easily 

satisfied by a little service rendered by anyone, human or not.

Book selections - The conquest of dynamic spirit over 

dead matter as demonstrated by a crow

Sri Sri Radha Krsna - the supreme realm of 

Vaikuntha, where old-age and death do 

not exist, which is situated in the 

spiritual sky above the material universes.

Bhagavan Sri Krsna- Why do you always 

chant Krsna’s names and glorify His virtues?

Leela -  Intense feelings of spiritual rapture

Article- A glorious Vrajabasi passes away

Offerings-  2002 offering to Srila Prabhupada

Janmastami picture of Sri Sri Radha Vrndavancandra

Saints- Srila Bhaktivinode's auto-bio part 4

Selections - neither death nor life be praised

Sastra- Even if served by those with personal motives, 

in a troublesome and annoying way, 

or with hypocrisy, the Lord liberates His devotees.

  Article#2- Tension and Tractors - A Story Of Balance 

Sri Giriraja - 4,108 years after the beginning of Kali-yuga,

as everyone watches, Lord Krsna will emerge from a cave

Letters- Predictions in the Sastra

recently found - lost notes on Jayananda talk page

Lord Nrsimhadeva

Alvars - 4th Alvar

News- Vedic culture found in ancient South America  

Jayananda website - hypertext online book version

Vani- when a sentimental devotee takes part...


Quotes and Humor- if you don't believe in reincarnation..



Current additions -:

Sastra - Even if served by those with personal motives, in a troublesome and annoying way, or with hypocrisy, the Lord liberates His devotees. -  Leela - With wide-open eyes he called out: "I have seen! I have seen!" - Article#2- Tension and Tractors - A Story Of Balance - News- Vedic culture found in ancient South America - Letters- Predictions in the Sastra - Selections  - neither death nor life be praised Vani- "When a sentimental devotee takes the part of becoming representative of Krishna, there is simply havoc." Storytelling - Ramanuja story - Vaisnava Saints- What a happy time it was! Srila Bhakivinode's life - Story- too late for summer of love -   Sankirtan Stories - Hari-nama is answer- Verses - Sri Sri Radhikastakam Hearing and Chanting - No one can understand the activities of a pure devotee - Spiritual Windows - awesome Krsna -  Jayananda.com - online hypertext book-  Prabhupadaradio.com - Prabhupada radio -- Current Events  - Why good people suffer Offerings-  2002 offering - ArticleA glorious Vrajabasi passes awayMemories of Srila Prabhupada - Dinadayadri dasi memories -  Book Review- cool sparkling deep waters -  Vaisnava Art  


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Articles#1 & #2



Selections from Srila Prabhupada 

Vaisnava Saints

Srila Prabhupada Vani

Remembering Srila Prabhupada

Offerings to Srila Prabhupada



Vaisnava Art

Sankirtan Stories


Srila Prabhupada- "I will never die. I shall live from my books and 
you will utilize,"

Letters Prabhupada radio Audio




Current Events Chanting Links Email


 Hearing and Chanting-

A maha-bhagavata can do anything, but he never forgets the basic principles. Therefore it is said, vaisnavera kriya-mudra vijneha na bujhaya: "No one can understand the activities of a pure devotee." We should not imitate Kalidasa.

 rest of passage- Hearing and Chanting


Srila Prabhupada Vani

"When a sentimental devotee takes the part of becoming representative
of Krishna, there is simply havoc."

"The word 'progress' is used when there is imperfection at the


And- "The essential is to chant. In this age there is no need of this second initiation"-

to continue- Vani


Selections from Srila Prabhupada- 

Real Spiritual Life

The impersonalist attains only the sky, and does not achieve any tangible transcendental bliss, whereas the devotee attains to the planets where real spiritual life prevails. With a serious attitude, the devotee throws away all achievements like so much dust, and he accepts only devotional service, the transcendental culmination.


to continue- Selections



Current Events

"The Krishna Conscious perspective"

Why good people suffer

"He conceived of a mechanical view of the universe, how animals have no souls, how they are mere mechanical machines. When an animal is cut or killed, he said that the sounds of terror that we hear from the mouths of these animals are nothing more than the squeaks and squeals of a machine, and that there’s no soul inside them to feel the pain and terror."

to continue- Current Events


The Lords walk like two moons

The crocodile quickly climbed onto the bank and came and touched the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.  By the Lord's touch he was instantaneously transformed into a celestial being having the form of an infant boy.

To continue- Leela

Bio of Rasikananda- Vaisnava Saints

Offerings to Srila Prabhupada


I personally felt that harmony most when you were still on the

planet. Though your physical presence is not necessary in order to

practice Krsna consciousness,


click here- Offerings

Memories of Srila Prabhupada, by Dinadayadri dasi- Memories 

"The yogi should then meditate on the lotuslike countenance of the Lord, who presents His different forms in this world out of compassion for the anxious devotees. His nose is prominent, and His crystal-clear cheeks are illuminated by the oscillation of His glittering alligator-shaped earrings. 

to continue- Sastra

Verses, glorifying Sri Krsna


The mark on her forehead

"then she came out the bushes with a strange mark on her forehead. This was it. Somehow, this is what I was looking for; somehow I knew this was it."


full story- Storytelling


Sankirtan Stories


See Harinam Live!


the rockets were compromised and went off course, much to our consternation, as those screaming meemies shot out into our crowd in all directions. We ran for our lives as Ravana retaliated with a firebrand of rockets into our midst. The demon wasn’t about to go down easy, not without a fight!


The complete story- Sankirtan Stories

As Srila Prabhupada said on one tape, the association of a common man only wastes one’s time with meaningless information, and the real association is he who makes that dramatic essential difference in our life, he who adds that transcendental number uno of Krishna to our long string of millions and zillions of zeros, he who gives the eternal benefit of transcendental knowledge of Krishna consciousness.


to read  - Letters


Jai Sri Radhe!


Re-written article on "higher rasa" very good, and also the story behind “higher rasa.” -






Book Review

Dhanistha Dasi's book-

Enter another world warm and fragrant, cool sparkling deep waters, blue with liquid silver reflections on the surface.

Full story- Book Review










My dear Sir, why are you working so hard?

The average man tries all he can to change his life - but his destiny and karma are all written in stone. 

to read more- Articles

I remember the exact time and place and feeling I had when the realization came. I was under the porch, and it came to me. I'll never forget, the realization somehow came to me, of how horrible and nasty the world was going to be, what a bad time I was in for, how rough life was going to be. How people are not so nice all the time.

full story-  Article #2








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