by Srila Rupa Goswami

1. I worship Sri Radhika, whose

beautiful eyes flicker in all

directions, like restless, playful

wagtail birds, who is the

malli-flower for the honeybee-heart of the son of the cowherd king (Sri Krsna), and who is grave in all attributes.


2. I worship Sri Radhika, whose

father Vrsabhanu Maharaj's fame

spreads well throughout the world, and who plays along with Her friends with the son of the king of Vraja in Her own beautiful pond.


3. I worship Sri Radhika, whose

smiling, submissive face is

initiated in a vow to subdue the

glories of the full autumn moon,

who is the Lord of the lilies, and

who can cause waves of erotic

sweetness for Aghabhid (Krsna)

with Her playful eyes that dance

in an elevated way.


4. I worship Sri Radhika, whose

hair braid, which is filled with

various kinds of blooming flowers, looks like the extended tail of a peacock that is dizzy of

amorous feelings, and whose

spotless cheeks are colored

with the pan which comes from

Madhuripu's (Sri Krsna's) mouth.


5. I worship Sri Radhika, who is

sprinkled with pure intimate

affection for Lalita and whose

all-encompassing mood of

friendship with Visakha is well

known. She carries sweet jewels

of pleasure for Aghabhid (Sri

Krsna) in the priceless shining

jewelbox of Her love.


6. I worship Sri Radhika, who was crowned (with a ceremonial

bathing) as the Queen of

Vrndavana, who is the presiding

Goddess of the Kartik month,

which is the best time of the year, who is the chief of all the innumerable dear ladies of Sri Mukunda, and whose fame destroys the sins of the world.


7. I worship Sri Radhika, who even looks upon the backs of the

extreme borders of Hari's toenails as being more dear to Her than millions upon millions of hearts, who is the guru who initiates all the joyful, restless-eyed girls in the art of cleverness and whose glories are great.


8. I worship Sri Radhika, whose

luster is of pure gold, like

vermilion ground on a golden

slab, whose teenage beauty is

surrounded by waves of sweetness, who gets horripilations when She is embraced by Hari's arms

and who wears a bright crimson



9. The moon of auspiciousness of the bank of th daughter of the

sun (Yamuna), Sri Krsnacandra,

will be satisfied with whoever

nicely recites this best of prayers,

that is a spotless vessel of

loving sweetness and He will

fulfill that person's desires.


End of Srila Rupa Goswami's




Sri Namastaka

by Raghunatha  das Goswami


text 1


O Hari-nāma! the tips of the toes

of your lotus feet are constantly

being worshiped by the glowing

radiance emanating from the string

of gems known as the Upanisads,

the crown jewels of all the Vedas.

You are eternally adored by

liberated souls, such as Nārada

and Sukadeva. O Hari-nāma!

I take complete shelter of you.


text 2


O Hari-nāma, O name sung by

the sages, O transcendental

syllables that bring bliss to the

people, even if you are spoken

only once, and even if you

are spoken disrespectfully,

you at once remove the many

harsh sufferings of everyone.


text 3


O sun of the holy name,

even the dim light of your

early dawn gives the sight

of pure devotion to they who

are blind to the truth.

What learned person in this

world is able to describe

your transcendental glory?


text 4


The Vedas declare that

although meditation on

impersonal Brahman

cannot bring freedom from

past karma, O holy name,

your appearance at once

makes all karma disappear.


text 5


O Holy Name, I pray that

my love for you in your

many forms, such as Aghadamana

(crusher of Aghāsura),

Yasodānandana (son of Yasodā),

 Nandasūnu (son of Nanda),

Kamalanayana (lotus-eyed),

Gopīcandra (moon of the gopīs),

Vrndāvanendra (King of

Vrndāvana), Praōatakaruōa

(merciful to the surrendered souls),

and Krishna, may greatly increase.


text 6


O holy name, you are manifested

in two forms:

1. the supreme person described

by the Holy Name, and

2. the sound vibration of

the Holy Name. We know that

the second form is more merciful

than the first. Even a person

who commits many offenses to

the first form may become always

plunged into an ocean of bliss by

serving the second with his voice.


text 7


O name that destroys the many

sufferings of they who take

shelter of you, O name that is

the form of delightful and intense

spiritual bliss, O name that is a

festival of happiness for Gokula,

O perfect and complete Holy Name

of Lord Krishna, I bow down

and offer my respects to you.


text 8


O life of nārada's vīnā, O flood

of the waves of sweet nectar,

O holy name of lord Krishna,

please sweetly appear on my tongue.




.Verses on the Glories of Sri Krsna, by Srila Jayadeva Gosvami 

"My dear friends, just see how Sri Krsna is enjoying the season of spring! With the gopis embracing each of His limbs, He is like amorous love personified. With His transcendental pastimes, He enlivens all the gopis, and the entire creation. With His soft bluish-black arms and legs, which resemble blue lotus flowers, He has created a festival for Cupid.

(Quoted from Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Adi Lila Chapter 4 Text 224)

Srita Kamala

srita-kamalakuca-mandala (he)

dhrta-kundala (e)


jaya jaya deva hare


1) Glories, glories to Lord Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is bedecked with jeweled earrings and a garland of forest flowers and whose feet are marked with a lotus!

2) The Lord's face shines like the whorl of the sun. He removes the miseries of His devotees and is the resting place of the minds of the swanlike sages. Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari!

3) O Supreme Personality who destroyed the demoniac Kaliya serpent! O Lord, You are the beloved of all living entities and the sun in the galaxy of the Yadu dynasty. Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari!

4) O Lord, destroyer of the demons Madhu, Mura and Naraka. Seated on Garuda, You are the source of joy for the demigods. All glories to Hari!

5) O Lord, Your clear eyes are like lotus petals, and You destroy the bondage of the material world. You are the maintainer of the three worlds. Glories to Lord Hari!

6) O Lord, as the gem of the sons of Janaka You were victorious over all the asuras, and You smashed the greatest asura, the ten-headed Ravana. Glories to Lord Har!

7) O Supreme Personality of Godhead who held the Govardhana Hill! Your complexion is like a fresh monsoon cloud, and Srimati Radharani is like a cakora bird who is nourished by drinking the light of Your moonlike face. Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari!

8) O Lord, I offer my humble obeisances at Your lotus feet. Please bless me by Your limitless mercy. Glories! Glories to Lord Sri Hari!

9) The poet Sri Jayadeva offers this song of devotion and shining good fortune to thee. All glories! All glories to Lord Sri Hari.








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