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 Ye Olde Home Page

of lila of Lord Krishna and His devotees, and personal Vaisnava writings 

New- Blessed are they who always 

think of  Lord Krishna

Immutable Truths of the Universe -

the amazing story of how a woman flatlined on 

operating table and saw and heard everything 

that happened   

The Greatness of Srila Prabhupada- Great-Acharyas

Pastimes of Lord Nityananda Rama - Sri Nityananda Rama 

Sri Giriraja Part Two - " O best of brahmanas, by visiting 

Govardhana Hill one attains a pious result ten million times 

greater than all those pious deeds together."

  Sri Giriraja part one- 4,108 years after the beginning of Kali-yuga,

as everyone watches, Lord Krsna will emerge from a cave

Rodney Dangerfield joins the Hare Krishnas- jokes

Personal Art Page- Art Page

Article- The Meaning of Life

Chapter twelve of Jayananda online book added

A little service - Lord Sri Ramacandra is so kind and

merciful to His devotees that He is very easily 

satisfied by a little service rendered by anyone, human or not.

  Ramayana - Stories from the Ramayana

Jayananda Thakur - Online Book with Hypertext 

Book selections - The conquest of dynamic spirit over 

dead matter as demonstrated by a crow

Quest - The world of 'no lies'

Sri Sri Radha Krsna - the supreme realm of Vaikuntha, where old-age and death do not exist, which is situated in the spiritual sky above the material universes

Bhagavan Sri Krsna- Why do you always chant Krsna’s names and glorify His virtues?

Leela -  Intense feelings of spiritual rapture

Article- A glorious Vrajabasi passes away

Offerings-  2002 offering to Srila Prabhupada

Janmastami picture of Sri Sri Radha Vrndavancandra

Tributes to our departed dear Godsister, Jayaradhe dasi 

Sri Gaura Purnima - Caitanya Lila

Fiction, chapter 8 - Not like other Men

Fiction- God is an equal karma-opportunity employer, 

Fuherer-ocious Inferno


  Sastra- Even if served by those with personal motives, in a 

troublesome and annoying way, or with hypocrisy, 

the Lord liberates His devotees.

Saints- Srila Bhaktivinode's auto-bio part 4

  Article#2- Tension and Tractors - A Story Of Balance 

Letters -predictions in Sastra

  Lord Nrsimhadeva

  Goda, the 4th Alvar- Alvars

hypertext online book version - Jayananda website

  Vedic parallels in ancient South America - [old] News



The Jayananda Website- website of the first American Vedic Saint - Jayananda website

A cosmology view of heavenly and earthly realities, linked by mystic travel, involving a shift from a parallel reality to the world perceived by our ordinary senses - The Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

The difference between the impersonalist mental speculators and the pure devotees of the Lord is that the former pass through a miserable understanding of the Absolute Truth at every stage - Selections

 Vaisnava Intelligencer, articles and special section on current events in the world and a spiritual perspectiveVaisnava Intelligencer 


Dear Cyber-Sages, welcome aboard the Gunga-Express!, let's ride the milky way trail, and streak cross the vast cyber-space, elude the many black-holes of nirveses/sunyavad, and quaff nectar by theBig-dipper full!


We set controls for the effulgence dead ahead ... watch out for that asteroid field! ...
and now we enter a Vaikuntha atmosphere ... beaming down, we transport to a celestine garden surrounding a pristine  lake, of the name Sravkirtan-sarovara, which is full of lotus flowers, where swan-like devotees sport in the stems of lotus flowers. The loud hummings are the celestial bees hovering about Lord Hari's vaijayanti garland. On near shore, is heard sweet mrdanga and kartal and blissful Hari-kirtan, as the incense bellows.

One cluster of lotus flowers are sweet stories of Jayananda Thakur , and other lotus groves are nectar of sweet lila and bios of great servants of Lord Hari. Some swan-like sadhus may like to sport in lotus petals of a Gift of illustrated fiction, or Newsletter, Vyasa Puja offerings and Poems, et al. Take the easy journey to other planets aboard the Gunga-express, and leave your worries and extra baggage behind (at least for awhile.)

Comments and stories from  - Visitor comments 

 Pages of the Lord's Leela and His saints- 

Passages from Puranas, Ramayana, Caitanya lila, and biographies -  Sri Jiva Gosvami , and Lord Caitanya's march on the Kazi, and Caitanya Leela, and Sri Nityananda Rama.  Leela of Lord Sri Krsna, the glories of Sri Giriraja, and bios of Saints


I had the extreme good fortune of Jayananda Thakur's association, and wrote a series of articles and memoirs of the great life of the Thakur, please click here- Jayananda Thakur ,we also have stories from other devotees.






Archive Articles from old newsletter, called- Ekeha  / new periodical is called - The Vaisnava Intelligencer

Vyasa Puja offerings - Vyasa Puja offerings (2001 offering - We think we have met your goodness) this site has a nice painting of Srila Prabhupada maha samadhi

Poems, King Puranjana & others- click here- Poems of the Vaisnavas

The Gift novel online, 1st chapter - Gift ch1 - chapter 18, the Ramayana chapter, and Chapter 12 Varga's Ruse  - and some excerpts-  Jewel / Nrsimhadeva  

The Dark Side- for some who like dread/ghastliness rasa - a story of dark/supernatural, transcendental fiction , this was meant to inject KC and transcendence, some devotees may like it, - Bedlam - and >Explanation of Bedlam   

To read more, then check out-  Various writings

If you have any questions or comments or stories, please send here, thank you, your servant, Visoka dasa.

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