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So I saw Jayananda at that moment. He was just ... the look on his face was so ecstatic, you know it was like his crowning triumph. I couldn't help just bursting into tears, and I turned around and Srila Prabhupada also was crying, looking at Jayananda. And he said, “I am so pleased with him because he is so sincere.” – Adi-keshava Dasa




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"Saints are My heart, and only I am their hearts. They do not know anyone but Me, and therefore I do not recognize anyone besides them as Mine." [SB 9.4.68]


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"Lord Krishna told Arjuna, “Those who are My direct devotees are actually not My devotees, but those who are the devotees of My servant are factually My devotees.”

(Adi Purana)

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Even if he was suffering great pain and discomfort, you wouldn't know it because of the way he acted and spoke. He could overwhelm you with Krishna Consciousness, which would divert your attention from even considering what he was actually experiencing on the physical platform. - Dasarathasuta


other Vaisnava Saints

When the devotees made their appeal for a permit she shouted, “Where is Jayananda, I will only deal with Jayananda for this permit.” The devotees were surprised that she knew Jayananda by name and explained that Jayananda had passed away during the past year. The hardened, course bureaucrat, as tough as they come, you might say without the least exaggeration, immediately dissolved in tears and had to leave the room sobbing uncontrollably. When she returned after five or ten minutes she gave them the permits and related how much she had appreciated knowing Jayananda. 

So Jayananda finally got in Prabhupada's darshan and he hadn't slept in weeks. He was working tirelessly for weeks, never taking a nap, never stopping, never thinking of himself. And he got in the darshan and he just went like this, and he just passed out. Somebody went to wake him up and Prabhupada said, "Let Jayananda sleep."


Jayananda - Victory of Bliss -  "He gavee and gave and gave"  -  "I gotta finish this before I die. I have to serve my spiritual master."  -  Jayananda,  the first American Vaisnava Saint -  "Well, hey, who are you?" He'd just go, "Oh, I'm the janitor."

Updated- 1/8/08 - New- Photos from Russia, see below /  Jayanada honored in Russian festival /Jayananda's Mother/ slideshow just now added, scroll down to view / 3 more emails / Dancing like a peacock, / Hand-written letter from Jayananda to Bhakta Jim  / Jaya Nitai writes about the dust of Jayananda's feet /More writings on Jayananda, "Cow dung ambush" and "You have to keep chanting" and others - Thakur / Be sure to check out this great site- Prabhupada letters / Jayananda goes back to Godhead Bhakta-tirtha Swami on Jayananda / New Article, Jayananda the Lobbyist for Krsna- mercy / Slide show [2005] in New Vrindavan- slide show. /  You are invited to join the Jayanandanuga E-group, and enjoy a group discussion on Jayananda, or you can read the posts whether you join or not, click on to this website for details - Jayananda_Egroup  / NEW E-group, for Senior Devotee Godsisters, click here for info  

Russian devotees with Jayananda book, more later,

 / Other Articles-  Blessed are They,  The Meaning of Life, Immutable Truths of the Universe / More insights on Jayananda's astrology chart / more jokes / I've read that Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda, in some Temples in India, were leaving the altar at night and they went in orchards to steal fruits and they were also stealing sandals because while they were on altar where they had no sandals. -Jayanandanuga emails / so many ordinary people were charmed by Jayananda's big and golden heart, and their lives were changed. Personal Art Page of drawings and Gour-Nitai / Jayananda always had a project of some upcoming festival / Jayananda initiates the seven year old boy /  Added online book Chapter 12 / A devotee of Krishna does not want any possessions or fame or followsers, he is satisfied with simple Krishna prasadam and knowing he is Krishna's servant, in Chapter 7 / Oceans of nectar - Srila Prabhupada asks, "where is Jayananda?" -  Jayananda- "No ... I'm too fallen ... my relationship with my spiritual master ... is through my service" /  Tributes to our departed dear Godsister, Jayaradhe dasi  / hyperlink reveals what Srila Prabhupada said about the origin of the soul /  "I almost had to physically force Jayananda Thakur to see Srila Prabhupada"- click here.  / transcendental subject matter does not get old, go stale, or become diminished  /  Jayananda Book Online with hyper-text  / Srila Prabhupada in San Francisco at  Stowe Lake and Avalon Ballroom etc. /   Email excerpts / Jayananda's impetus for devotional feelings / Selections- We must hear from the mouth of a pure devotee /  discussion on the title of 'Thakur' /  Jayananda soft bound book- email here for information  /  the glories of Sri Krsna - Bhagavan Sri Krsna Glories of Sri Giriraj / Lord Nrsimhadeva pic other books on Jayananda. 

For those who are unfamiliar with this tradition please click on this link- Philosophy and terms




Jayananda is our first Vaisnava saint from America, and although he was born in America, he achieved his sainthood status in an eastern tradition, or the ancient religion of Bhakti.  He practiced a tradition that was relatively unknown to the American people at that time (1960/70's), still he was loved by so many common people, as these testimonials show.

The group photo says it all, how happy devotees were in association, click on this Jayananda picture below 

Even though I was officially in charge of the traveling party, I considered Jayananda the spiritual leader. The servant is the master. Jayananda Prabhu called me Maharaja but with so much friendship, and without formality that he was more endearing, cutting through any pretense to get to the heart of the matter our mutual goal: devotional service. Gurudas

Email excerpts-

I've read that Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda, in some Temples in India, were leaving the altar at night and they went in orchards to steal fruits and they were also stealing sandals because while they were on altar where they had no sandals.-more

While in India I helped Jayananda Thakur serve prasadam. He loved this activity and after satisfying all the assembled devotees with prasadam he would serve the servers. I hung with him until he finally took himself and saw how he had become completely blissful by  serving prasadam. All smiles. [from Misra Bhagavan]  - more

Whenever Srila Prabhupada requested Jayananda Thakur to visit him, Jayananda Thakur always said he was too busy. He always said he did not want to waste Srila Prabhupada's time. I almost had to physically force Jayananda Thakur to see Srila Prabhupada. by Raksana dasa  more

I now come across your website and am just amazed how Jayananda's life, pastimes, and dedication and service to Srila Prabhupada stay ever-fresh and inspiring. I just never tire of hearing you and other devotees glorify Him. I am starting to see how transcendental subject matter has that quality. It does not get old, go stale, become dull, or become diminished in any way. In fact, it seems to increase over time.  yours in service, Bhakta Neal  -  more

Thanks for writing such a sincere and heartfelt book.  I felt Jayananda Prabhu's association ever more strongly by reading your book. Your servant, Nidra devi dasi

When I left the temple room I ran into Jayananda & told him what had happened. He confirmed that this was Krsna answering my prayer so that I would continue my devotional activities. Told to Krita-karma by Jim Lyles. more

Thank you very very much for putting up a nectarean site !! It is a pleasure to go through it , I have not yet left office although its way past closing time! Thanking you, Sagar Iyer

I'll visit here often. It is rich with information. I'm very new to the Krishna Consciousness movement, but I'm desirous spiritual bliss. Chanting the maha-mantra is a joyful experience for me.  I experience God/Krishna all around me. I have never felt such peace and serenity in my 38 years during this incarnation. May Krishna always be with you all, Donald R. Watkins II

...The kids went wild (we all did) and they huddled close to him as he handed out prasadum. It was such a moving act! He had given every bit of his physical and mental strength to so many projects for Srila Prabhupada and even at this finale of a life of struggle to please his spiritual master he gave and gave and gave. All Glories to Jayananda! Your servant, Adi Deva das


...your book on the wonderful exploits , attitude, and loving bhakti of our dearly loved and departed godbrother Sriman Jayananda Thakur.
It is excellent! It is, as others say, required reading material for present day vaisnavas and all into the future as well. His life is to be our example and there is no question about it. Anyone who knew him would confirm he is a saint who walked amongst us lowly mortals. Srila Prabhupada confirmed it and what more is there to say after the letter he wrote on behalf of Jayananda after his passing? This kind of writing is sorely needed at present in the Hare Krsna movement to inspire us all to get back to the basics, get back to real bhakti, and get back to focusing on going back home back to Godhead. Damaghosa dasa

I am well into it now and it is a wonderful read. Vaisnava philosophy is all-embracing, but it seems that in this Prabhu we were mercifully given a perfect example of how to conduct ourselves throughout our everyday lives (in a practical, as well as spiritual sense), when associating with devotees and non-devotees alike.  It is having a very beneficial and 'cleansing' effect on me I feel. Mother Sheila ...


...sensing Jayananda's real concern and love for me, I just surrendered on the spot and said OK.  I felt so much love for him also.  And not more than a few seconds later Jayananda said I could still have my allowance.  There were no conditions or anything said at all about my "fall into maya.."  He just simply reversed his decision. This may seem insignificant but it was truly a mystical experience.  Chaitanyadeva das

I've been reading your book  and just got to the part about Jayananda putting of photo of Srila Prabhupada on his bed and sleeping on the floor, even when his body was wracked with the pain of cancer. I had never heard that story, and it left me with a feeling I cannot even describe in English (I'm sure you know what I mean). It just floored me, to say the least. - Dinadayadri dasi
I especially recommend this book to the younger devotees, to let them know that all us fifty-somethins are not basket cases full of false ego. The personalities like Jayananda, those who took Srila Prabhupada as their life's mission, are inspirational to the nth degree.  The book you sent is a time travel back to sweeter days.  -Mahaksa dasa
This is the sweetest message I've gotten yet, from Jayananda's mother, this is a short excerpt from a greeting card she recently sent to me-  Dear Visoka dasa, I want to thank you for your lovely tribute to my son. Jayananda. Needless to say, in spite of the many accolades from so many devotees, tears often blurred my vision. Again, thank you for the lovely tribute, sincerely Jane Kohr
The book is full of gems from the heart. I was thinking I would only be interested in the stories, but every single commentary I have read, whether philosophical, observational, or sentimental, is fully absorbing, and so nectarean. I feel that the whole book is infused with the mood of selfless devotion. Jayananda's example still lives and affects people. This is self-realization at its warmest, funniest, and most blissful moments! - Jayaradhe dasi
These are the timeless moments ... the joyous blessings, these memories and this sanctuary of time we can go to and forever spend with the innocent saint. Dhanistha Dasi
The book looks great! much better than imagined. All my friends are stoked. I just walked around with a couple books held to my heart, everyone was attracted to it like iron filings to a magnet! Dasarathasuta dasa
Your dedication to reminding people of his superlative characteristics will not go unnoticed by Krishna, for He always recognizes those who glorify the devotees.  -Satyaraja Dasa 
Thank you for this wonderful website. These stories are very remarkable. Reading of this devotee Jayananda truly helps me to realize what it is a devotee of Krishna and Prabhupada actually aspires for. ys Bhakta Dan 

My only desire is to serve Lord Jagannatha as His pujari, and without the tireless efforts of His Grace in the service of Guru and Krsna, I would never have met my Sweet Lord in this life. I owe everything to Jayananda Thakur and hope to follow His example. Raven 
to read more - Jayanandanugas

  The life of Jayananda is truly a guiding light for our trouble times of the world. If we examine his life, we shall get guidance and solace from this dark world. The world around us seems to get progressively worse as days go on. There is an ominous feeling of negativity that seems to pervade everything. Depression and hopelessness hangs like fog all around us.  ...   By devotees becoming more aware of our saint Jayananda, and appreciating his life and qualities, hearing of his success in Krishna consciousness, pleasing Srila Prabhupada and going back to godhead, we can get hope that we can turn our negatives into positives..  - Jayananda talk


...And he was always preaching, always preaching, even when he couldn't walk. In the hospital he'd take me by wheelchair from room to room to room to room to room - "This is Mrs. So-and-so, she's got a son," and he'd know the whole rundown on her entire family. She'd be there and he'd say, "Well, how far did you get in the book?" And she'd go, "Well, I read halfway through the magazine, and I got about halfway through the Krishna Book and I've got a question: who's Balarama?"   Adi-kesava

I think he was going to his job, walking to his job, he was walking by the first temple that Prabhupada opened in San Francisco. And he would look in there but he didn't go in. I think he told me he used to walk by a couple of times. Then finally he was walking by and he said, "Hey, what is this?" I think Prabhupada was right there in the front room and he walked in and started talking to Prabhupada, and Prabhupada made...he was the first devotee that Prabhupada made on the West Coast. Then he wanted to give up everything and move in right away, but Prabhupada said, "No, no, keep your job." He was driving a taxi, even though he had a degree in engineering from I think it was Ohio State University. So he continued to do that and gave all the money to Prabhupada. He was totally selfless, he was totally dedicated to Prabhupada. Bhakta Jim

I didn't really want anything to do with Hare Krishna. But this guy Jayananda, he just attracted me so much I thought, well, what the heck, I'll try it." So against his usual nature, he went with Jayananda. And as they were driving back to the temple, Jayananda Prabhu asked him, "Well, what do you do?" He said, "Well, I do a little carpentry." He said, "Oh, I can give you some work to do. Now that you have a place to stay, and room and board, I'll give you some nice work." "Well, what is that work?" "We are building some carts. You can help us build some carts." Mukunda


 It was like he came to New York and they said, "No money, no men, no trucks." The truck they gave us, the gas pedal broke on it. So Jayananda hooked up...it was one of those trucks where the engine's right next to you. They took off the cover, they put a block of wood on the carburetor, you put your heel on the carburetor, and you tied a string to your toe and the toe was hooked to the gas. You'd work the clutch and the brake with your left foot, and a big stick was here and you'd be driving with the toe. - Murli-Krsna dasa


This was happening all the time, every day, so many ordinary people were charmed by Jayananda's big and golden heart, and their lives were changed.

If it was not Ratha-yatra, then it was the Govardhana Hill festival in San Diego, or the Santa Cruz festival, or the Berkeley festival. Jayananda always had a project of some upcoming festival and feast. 

Jayananda was there for so many people. Young, old, made no difference. He was there for the seven-year-old boy that Jivadhara spoke about, how Jayananda told him of Krishna and they chanted and danced, and then Jayananda gave initiation to the boy and gave him the name of Parameshvara. The boy was ecstatic and painted one of Lord Jagannatha's wheels. From chapter 12

Everyone was a nectar hound, as far as they could push it. Mostly the senior devotees could remain in Prabhupada's room for a long time, and a few other lucky ones. But ... there was a blatant non-presence, someone was very conspicuous by his absence - Jayananda was not there, hardly at all. Finally Srila Prabhupada articulated his concern, "Where is Jayananda?" From chapter six.

Jayananda's face winced, and he looked down and said with very deep conviction, "No ... I'm too fallen ... my relationship with my spiritual master ... is through my service!" From chapter six.

We were both aware of the short time we had left with Jayananda. I wrote back and told Jayananda that he was "going back to Godhead," and cited the verse in Srimad Bhagavatam: "ante narayana smrtih.."  [click on "back to Godhead" for what Srila Prabhupada said about the origin of the soul]

From chapter 5- ....he turned and noticed a picture of Srila Prabhupada at the head of the bed, propped up by the pillow. Jayananda then explained how he had never had such a nice bed like this (as a devotee), and how he thought it was more appropriate that his spiritual master Srila Prabhupada should enjoy the bed. I tremble as I write this. Jayananda gave his nice bed to his beloved Gurudeva, in great love and devotion, and laid his cancer-riddled body on the floor in the small space in front of the bed. more

From chapter 4-

Jayananda serves the Holy Name

the Holy Name was like a huge magnet and I was iron filings. However important I thought the book was, I had to stop reading and just go, as I was sucked into the whirlpool of the sound of the kirtan and was forced to come running downstairs.

Who among us have not experienced the divine presence during a great kirtan? Think of some really great kirtans and how we all came into direct contact with the divine internal energy. God's song is the only song that has been giving divine bliss to millions of people for thousands of years. No other song can claim this. Not the Beatles or anyone else, not one of their songs can enthrall the multitudes of humanity, time after time, for hundreds and thousands of years. Their song will get hackneyed. Hari-nama, or the chanting of the Holy Names of God

Srila Prabhupada in San Francisco-

San Francisco is the site of many of the transcendental pastimes and activities of Srila Prabhupada and Jayananda. There are holy spots such as Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park, where Srila Prabhupada took his walk so many mornings. And there is Hippie Hill in the park, where Srila Prabhupada had those big kirtans with all the hippies. And there are meadows in the park, where many transcendental Ratha-yatras  took place. There was the Avalon Ballroom, where Srila Prabhupada chanted at the Mantra-Rock Dance with the hippies.


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Suppose you're hopelessly addicted to the Internet, waking up at all hours just to stare into the screen at the endless highway of information. Give your bloodshot eyes a break! Let your Jayananda book read you blissfully to sleep and drift off into transcendental dreams. more - 108 reasons



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