Ode to Jayananda

by Vishoka dasa





Ode to Jayananda


Ohe! Vaishnava Jayananda Thakur, why did you have to go?

You know, things aren’t going so good, and we’re full of fear

Iskcon isn’t what it used to be … like when you were here

and I really miss your association so…


We could have done better with you aboard

on this Iskcon ship, just a little longer

you could have steered the boat, but you left in a rush,

and now we’re left yelling and sinking and floundering,

I really do miss your association so…


You taught us so nicely, to serve and think of others

to serve God and his parcels without remuneration

selfless service was the shining example you’ve shown

but I’m so selfish, such a bad learner, dear Jayananda

I only want your association for myself, like the old days,

because I really miss your association so…


When will we go on a bhoga run together again?

and those Bhagavad-Gita readings in your room together,

oh where did they go? When will we read sastra again?

And when will we have your blissful impromptu kirtans,

dancing around the red truck like Prabhupada’s simple children?

Come back, I miss your association so…


When will we built another Ratha cart in the Frisco sun?

with big wheels turning round, and lotus flowers abound?

When will I wake to see you working all night?

so we could see Srila Prabhupada ride on Lady Subhadra’s cart?

Oh Thakurji, I miss your association so…


Oh Jayananda, you don’t know the pain I feel,

that separation from a Vaishnava like you,

is the greatest calamity, worse than a ring of fire,

here a few days and gone so quick, how can I live with that?

And I miss your association so…


I see you everywhere, your face at every turn,

then I look around and wonder, “Where did you go?”

such short brilliant years on this earth, what great injustice!

while so many rascals (myself) live their long and useless years,

where is the rhyme and reason to all this?

I just miss your association so…


Come on back, and steer the ship,

help us weather the storm of un-cooperation,

and eschew the deadly rocks of false ego,

give up our selfish, petty and pathetic plans,

and serve Lord Chaitanya’s mission selflessly,

before the world passes us all by,

and I do miss your association so much…


 your friend and godbrother, Vishoka dasa

*  *  *  *  *



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