Jayananda's Astrology chart


Here is a short sketch of Jayananda’s Vedic astrological chart:

Birth data
April 27, 1939 
13:01 (1:01 PM) EST 
Dayton, OH

Jayananda’s astrological chart is very powerful, which comes as no surprise to us. Almost as if it was personally handcrafted by Lord Krishna. This is just a thumbnail sketch, and it’s obvious to anyone with a little knowledge of Vedic astrology, that this is the chart of a great devotee. He has Jupiter in own house of Pisces in 9th house of Dharma, which is Hamsa yoga and the best place for Jupiter (in Cancer rising) for spiritual success. We find three natural benefic planets in the house of Dharma, namely Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. He has Cancer rising with Lord Moon in her own 1st house. Jayananda’s Moon and 1st house is aspected by two Yoga-karakas, Mars and Jupiter, thus causing Raj yoga, or “Kingship yoga” in the 1st house. Nalini-kanta Dasa said that “Jupiter and the waxing Moon, are both in brahmana signs and in their own signs, they influence the lst house, indicative of one of very pious mind, compassionate work for public welfare, and dedicated to the service of his guru.” So, Jayananda had a certified Brahminical mind by dint of his well placed Moon and Jupiter in Brahmana signs with influence to houses 1st and 9th, and his exterior appearance, (his body) was spiritually attractive by dint of his Sun placed in Aries with digbala strength. Venus is exalted in Pisces in 9th house of Dharma, and conjunct with Guru planet Jupiter, which denotes a very spiritual personage. Sun is exalted in Aries in 10th house of honor and fame and occupation. That’s 2 exalted planets, both in 9th and 10th houses, and 2 planets, both in own houses, in 1st and 9th, all planets in trines and quadrants, except Mars, simply amazing. His career in KC was mostly in Sun maha period, exalted sun in 10th, in Aries, with digbala strength, which explains his great energy and leadership and success in serving Prabhupada. Of course, planets or not, Jayananda was definitely transcendental to the planets, by strength of his surrender to Krishna and Prabhupada. Still, this is definitely the chart of a great and famous person, especially in the area of Dharma, as seen by auspicious planets in the 9th house.


Comments on Vedic Horoscope of Jayananda Prabhu by Nanda-lal Dasi:

If it seems that this chart so far is too good to be true, we are just explaining that actually Jayananda has a very powerful chart. To be powerful a chart has to have most of the planets in angles and trines, and with the exception of one planet, all of Jayananda’s planets are in angles and trines. And the other thing is the only planet that isn’t is Mars. Mars is the yoga-karaka in the chart, which means that it owns the best houses in the chart, which are an angle and a trine. Mars is in the 6th, which is a difficult house, but there are certain houses in the chart, which can handle difficult planets like Mars, and the 6th is one of those houses, so it helps him to overcome obstacles, and in that sign it also helps him to inspire others. … So Srila Prabhupada was not just being courteous or complimentary when he said that Jayananda was a great devotee - he has all the prerequisites for being a great devotee.


Comments on Jayananda’s birth chart, by Srikara Dasa-

            In Jayananda’s birth chart the 9th house is ruled by the sign Pisces, and all the (natural) benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) are positioned together in this most auspicious house of Dharma. Jupiter (commonly referred to as Guru) owns this sign and is therefore in its own sign in the main birth chart as well as 5 times in the sub-charts. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Mercury achieves Raja Yoga, or an exalted position, due to its association with the other benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus. This combination forms several auspicious and powerful Yogas (planetary combinations), three of them being most prominent - Sarasvati Yoga, Laxmi Yoga, and Gauri Yoga. The person born with just one of these Yogas is highly blessed and highly respected. Since these planets are prominently placed in the 9th house (the strongest of the spiritual houses) from the ascendant and Moon ascendant, it endows this combination with great spiritual significance. Other powerful Raja (royal) and Dhana (wealth) Yogas are also present in this chart. Moon is in the first house in its own sign aspected by Jupiter and Mars (both Raja-Yoga Karakas). This confers a strong Dhana or wealth-giving combination as well as strengthening the ascendant, revealing strong self-determining abilities.


Here is some information of Jayananda’s chart from Vedic astrological treatise: Bhrigu Samhita Paddhati, by Bhagwan Dasa Mital (This book is dedicated to the sacred feet of Lord Krishna)

Jupiter in Pisces, in the 9th house from Cancer rising- “Is very fortunate and gets great respect; gets influence in physique; works with great intelligence; gets a symmetrical stature; gets the power of children; gets the power of education, discernment and speech; rears up good dharma with some escaping attitude; gets victory over the enemies through the power of destiny but faces some hindrances in the house of destiny; does not like difference; possesses fortunate maternal grandfather’s family and is very clever to rear up the selfishness in the house of dharma and gentility.” [more insights on this subject]

            Venus in Pisces, in the 9th house from Cancer rising- “Is very fortunate; secures much progress of gains and happiness due to the power of destiny; gets the advantage of some virtue and of the house of dharma through great cleverness; get great advantage of mother and the house of mother; gets the power of land and property; gets the conjunction of some weakness and some carelessness in the power of energy and vigor; is of broad forehead; has great reliance on God; gets the increase of gains with ease and sometimes get sudden excessive advances.”

            Moon in Cancer, in 1st house from Cancer rising- “Is of fair complexion and symmetrical body; is of delightful mind, and determined will; can control the desires: is a philosopher: has self-respect: pays full attention to his family circumstances, day to day affairs and occupation; wants and gets pleasures; is respected and has comfortable physique; does according to his own will; lives independently; gets some insipidness in the house of wife; is famous and is of stable mind.”

            Sun in Aries and 10th house from Cancer ascendant, “Is the owner of the power of influence; is a bit careless about land and property: gets the grandeur of wealth; gets the progress of the house of wealth; gets respect and honor in the house of father; earns much wealth through trade or some other respectable job; gets some hindrances in the house of mother; gets some obstacles in happiness and peace; does influential deeds; gets huge power of wealth and respect from government and society: is dignified and influential.”

            Mars in Sagittarius, in 6th house from Cancer rising- “Is very brave and influential; maintains his dignity and glory by intellectual and political devices; gets victory over enemies and diseases; experiences some troubles in his body on account of practicing rudeness wrongly but does not care for the troubles; gets some weakness in body; gets purpose served by talking bravely and through the complex intellectual devices.”

              There are negative factors in Jayananda’s chart, but these are mostly relegated to his material life, which enhanced his spiritual life. Saturn and Mercury are debilitated, which Nalini-kanta Dasa says, “Saturn or Mercury, which are debilitated … in the sense of breaking longevity and causing some disturbing relationship-karma.” We have seen the truth of short longevity, which is due to Saturn, which is extremely malefic, in several ways, and Jayananda was in sade-sati, and Saturn directly afflicted his Moon in 1st house, which deals with the body. And perhaps there was some relationship karma, but then again, this was on the material platform. Spiritually speaking there was no negative relationships with Jayananda and other people. But materially, Jayananda said “I didn’t fit in with the upper crowd.” With the case of Mercury debilitation, it is somewhat absolved due to the association of Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, and Srikara Dasa said that Mercury “Achieves Raja Yoga, or an exalted position, due to its association with the other benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus.” Nanda-lal Dasi said that “Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, sign of religiosity, but combined with the other planetary influences upon Mercury, Mercury debilitation here also makes a person a servant. And since Mercury is in the 9th house, sign of a Vaishnava, or worshiper of Krishna, it would give him a strong realization of himself as a servant of Krishna. Exalted Venus in 9th gives a strong sense of love and devotion (bhakti).”

         We see that with Cancer rising, Venus and Mercury are functional malefics, although they are normally natural benefics. This is because they are Lords of bad houses, in a chart with Cancer rising. But we find the problem with Venus and Mercury somewhat absolved, due to their association with a strong Jupiter in Pisces and ninth house. Dr. L.R. Chawdhri says that “When a natural or functionally benefic planet aspects an ill placed planet, the latter is absolved of its weakness or a considerable part of it. This is a well recognized principle.” We may well apply this principle to the conjunction of Venus and Mercury with a very strong Jupiter, thus absolving or neutralizing some negative aspects of Venus and Mercury. We also see that in Jayananda’s life, (exactly like his spiritually powerful Piscean Jupiter!), he was able to elevate other debilitated persons, (such as myself), all due to his exalted association, much in the same way that his Jupiter elevated Venus and Mercury, despite their ownership of bad houses.

            Dr. L.R. Chawdhri also says in his “Conjunction of Planets;” of the three planets of Jupiter and Venus and Mercury being in conjunction - “One will be ruler, endowed with plenty of wealth, wide fame, courteous, and comfortable life like a king. Much respected, victory over enemies.” This conjunction is enhanced and made more fortunate and made spiritually powerful by the combination being placed in the 9th house of Dharma.

  In conclusion Srikara Dasa says; “This is obviously the chart of a very extraordinary person; someone not concerned about insignificant materialistic possessions. He is blessed by Guru and achieves true spiritual understanding and realization of the real purpose of human existence. He is and will always be remembered as a great saintly person concerned for the welfare and happiness of all living beings. To have known such a saintly person would be a great boon for an ordinary person.”

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