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June, 2003

6/30/03-Mosquito bite itch on the outside of my right arm near the elbow at the dentist's running into an old colleague who'd just broken a tooth coffee hot smooth and sweet but sugarless and fat-free jagged edge a new filling sharp against the side of my tongue neighborhood children's cries the thump thump of a basketball on the pavement youngsters hooping it up the whine of flowing water in the pipes dousing a dry yard hot days warm nights katharine hepburn's just died at ninety-six you have a beautiful body and a marvelous mind she counseled her new leading man so don't act just speak the lines you'll do just fine and they did the whir and roar of the air conditioning compressor struggling to lower inside temperatures the bathtub's cracked and the tradesmen did not show or call might as well sleep through the early afternoon fan on to stir sultry currents the napping dog outraged at phantoms is yipping away with high-pitched dream barks and snarls the sweat trickles down my neck tomorrow if all goes well I'll have another hundred jabs and lacerations in my scarred nose flesh the cancer battles rage my chest contracts the breathing shallow snakes of emotion run up and down my limbs hard muscular licentious images sensual recollections of her lovely curves planes and space shaping opening places closing pulsing her unbound tresses falling over bare shoulders breasts and me...

6/8/03-From nuclear cloud depths deceased papa joseph spoke with his best preaching voice that sounded surely as god himself riding in on an avenging ICBM bringing the final days come to teach us a terrible wisdom greater than we knew from the apple eve offered adam and the serpent gave to our first mother arriving out of the desert wilderness time like a father's mouth full of locusts brings plagues beyond our ken by your own hand shall ye be smitten he thundered for lo as is written it shall come to pass the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified the law to be fulfilled it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment...

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