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May, 2007

5/22/07-Swirling dust motes the window opening time a crystalline ever presence of past-present-future-space long in advance of the body's demise the brain begins to succumb as leaves after a brief season shrivel and fall everything we call ourselves has already ceased to be like starlight reaching us after the expiration of each once glorious sun we now but view momentary impressions ghost images from the past yet perceptions in which we would seem to have such an interest scruffy muddy shoe a missing engine this warm humid hour a sharp and burning soreness of the wrist an aching ear the rich acid taste of coffee a bit of sandman's leavings in the corner of my eye the baby blue jay puff has just pounced upon and killed ignoring angry scolding from its dive bombing parents the morning's bright yellow blossom on our prickly pear cactus that by tonight will have wilted and fallen away my wife's laughing eyes and smile the dog's eager frenetic play my satisfaction with a successful equity selection we can do nothing about the blackness of that looming eternal void and little enough about the ever dimming grayness that precedes it but oh these exquisite vine leaves the expression on that girl's face the perfection that is our pooch in sleep...

5/2/07-Artificial cool forgotten dog genesis a strange bird call water cannon beneath the surface chatter aesthetically landscaped commercial adventuring ordinary reality swept aside like a veil in tornadic winds a whiff of this a swallow of that and the merest momentary glimpse gives insight on the infinite ladybug crawling on my hand an intricate living design in the seamless garment of being from outside not ours to comprehend hypnagogic awareness intellectually yes yet not now with feeling do we understand the cascades' torrents twin serpents within the core nascent volcanic seas buffalo grass in science we trust there are no miracles...

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