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May, 2003

5/26/03-Sipping free coffee from the bengal traders young men with ponytails cutting grass light filtering through clouds after a morning rain sleep ended too soon beckons me to dreams again powerful diesel locomotives attached in tandem pull a mile of freight cars through our town bright lichens on adjacent tree dim doves forage next to me...

5/18/03-Hate in buried companionship roofs off bounced leaves through filtered nerves severed member nasal branches good coveting street empty edges shingles bound by hour per miles opening biopsy will leer knowing shadows notes display thunderbolt and contempt moving a universe aesthetic musical defensive learning environmental chemistry genes survive our gravity zero how fate twists tricks of new lances the pending itch facial understand never your high astride relatively quiet solitary pursuits she tolerated barely assassinations habitual thousands of scoffing symmetrical parts flung off nether licking her dog old power hoarding precarious unprotected lust conceived in dissection tumor radical a moon orange patchwork at lightshow nightscape limbo lesion fresh possums scampering the sneer of furniture floating ready squirrels enrapturing nest hummingbird relief marketing sex smells of arrogant neck strain...

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