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April, 2006

4/26/06-Salsa and verde sauce on migas rice black beans with whole wheat tortillas coffee and cool water breakfast at kerbey lane cafe while waiting for my blue-gray nissan to be ready the waitress competent tall thin efficient cute in a heavily tattooed flaming nefertiti style dyed red hair freckled face form-fitting black top and tights way white spots residue of dental restoration splattered still on my left glasses lens rush hour traffic speeding by on south lamar her young assistant with olive brown bare midriff and braless beneath the cotton caress of a small size t-shirt fetchingly shy I met him last night again at sam's I hear her say he was same-o-same-o you know we have a lot in common matronly adjoining booth customers talk of merely new building or remodeling projects at the chernobyl nuclear facility twenty years ago today an explosion and fire with partial meltdown millions in the fall-out zone multiple thousands already dead from the initial radiation or later cancers many mutated babies still being born but in the exclusion area nature's denizens are flourishing the catastrophe of humanity's earlier dominance there far more severe than even the aftermath of our species' worst most lingering accident...

4/22/06-Like those ridiculously eager and flirtatious dirty old men with far younger women before me einstein ben franklin gandhi woody allen and so many more of lesser note my biological clock is still ticking even if through the encroachments of age and blood pressure medication having become an unreliable and part-time arousal companion yet mentally I'm often still eighteen and driven to lustfulness by the mere sight of a cute tush a pretty set of mammaries under a sheer shirt or blouse a naked nape of neck well designed earlobe soft cheek a thin summery dress translucent in sunlight revealing the wondrously beautiful and healthy female form silhouetted beneath or inner thighs so inviting channeling attention drawing the focus fingers tongue onward like a reeled in set of scales and fin bidding me worship at the alter of all things fecund and female I long to lovingly caress and crush to me thrust into know her as adam knew eve merge and come with my own sweet but equally passionate maria beatrice juliet dulcinea...

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