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February, 2006

2/27/06-Yesterday and today too perfect sunny cool the ground after weekend rains pungent with a rich humus promise of fresh spring growth imminent at the bank cashing fran's birthday check the complimentary coffee was already gone so I went to the supermarket for my hot caffeine brew plus a few needed items including milk and received a complimentary chocolate donut instead in dreaming last night there were insidious snakes I woke up to my silent dog puff on the floor beside me as I lay still in bed patiently looking at my face and telepathically sending anxious need to go out messages not time to arise except that she clearly thought otherwise I'd turned out the light last night at close to three now it was semi-dark at not yet seven fran got up afraid she said if she went back to sleep she would not next awaken till too late as she planned to visit her friend sarah early so she could have let the terrier out but that worthy contrarily now settled back for another nap and only then once my spouse was away performing ablutions did our best of all possible pets decide she should and could and would go out after all and so pranced over to the door looked around and fixed me with a quiet yet significant volume speaking stare so of course I got up did my plantar fasciitis exercises quickly staggered over let her out turned off the porch night light and began my day...

2/20/06-My love my sugar darling frances sweetie my grounding and yet as well my north star my appealing companion my devil's advocate my winsome wench my rose my gadfly by any other for twenty-one years have you known me out and in and I you through thick or thin your flashing laughing eyes your beckoning breasts brightest of smiles soft and sexy earlobes nape of neck stately fine and feminine head with your lovely posterior and the long passionate planes of your nude and statuesque back your lovely seductive scented inner recesses your cute toes and petite feet your hands upon me in foreplay or friendship or in half a thousand lengthy and deeply relaxing massages fecund languorous my stimulant my marvel for I have seen you charm the most harrowing of two-year-old terrible dragon ladies or entice as well the enthusiasm of a host of older youth witnessed you match wits make music or exchange images and fascination with the ablest professional or pen pal or amateur musician doctor gardener bug or spider expert artist photographer journalist computer-meister paleontologist taxonomist author biologist and I have been the beneficiary of your many artisan talents and gifts now in a few days you'll be forty-eight and as you peer into an uncertain path ahead and still generously give of your abundance come whatever adventures may lie in store it shall be my great privilege to share those new steps into the not known realms with you while you in your middle age and though I may not remain at your side but for yet awhile may this fresh as yet untrod way betoken simply the renaissance of another of your continuing life stories a journey at least of four dozen more sweeps about our sun and may you contributing so naturally so much yet have more and more of joy recognition influence and fun...

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