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February, 2005

2/28/05-Alligator mind craneflies tadpoles spring flood dreams of flying fishing mountain streams balling her head knocking the headboard thump thump thump thump thump two-hole outhouse facility praying mantis dieting on the flies my mom's mom poor and lived alone in an unpainted shack the bedsprings broken the mattress sagging in the middle almost to the floor a single faucet her only plumbing she sold wax syrup candy and soft drinks for pennies to neighbor children and got the occasional check from mom her sole incomes chickens ran about her grassless muddy lot around and under the house here and there snatching up a juicy june bug or errant locust...

2/9/05-Inexorable death-like sleep confidently seductive patiently waiting fart compressions and relieving audible releases among bodies' final responses to what in living they must have endured fluids subjectively variously convenient nuisance arousing or filling with disgust a thousand alterations of acceptable or titillating skin exposure hairstyle or display confinement or removal of one's locks let us now praise intimate carnal odors before the lids fall the flesh succumbs to torpor and though we are even intertwined of lascivious limbs or satiated naked torsos yet now all oblivious of each other we sink grow still far beneath the surface of awareness and simply rest...

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