Hello, welcome to the Vixens. ......here are the pictures of some Vixens at SCC 1999. That was the only year we really did an official "Vixens" photo effort.

Everybody problably knows that one of our members died at SCC in 1999 for her memorial go to her personal gallery.
Now, as of Sept 11, 2001, apparently we have lost another of our sister Vixens..this time to terrorism. For a memorial to Karen Anne Vix go

****July 25, 2001: New Feature: Drag Diva Pictures****

Linkbacks-graphics for linking


Webmistress' Homepage

Open Chat...formerly TGGallery-where most of us chat
Roy's Photography Page-ideas about photography.
Abgender-a wonderful site that used to be run by a Vixen. I am sure the new girl will keep it up well also.(lots and lots and lots of links.
Diamond's Drag-A-Rama--MAKEUP TIPS...this person has lots of expertise with makeup.....great site.
-Eyebrowz--A site with advise and a new process for doing your eyebrows.
Here..is some information from Helen Bound on exercises and techniques to expand your bust...the second link has lots of pictures of Helen herself. She has given this much thought and effort and it has paid off.
Tina Michelle Smith's--WOW!!! Not that I am the world's expert on tg fiction..but I LOVE it...two thumbs up per Vickie Collins..(grin)
Marlene Klein Cosmetics--has lots of cosmetics for order...and includes a transgendered section. Check it out.
Joanne and Lisa--a rather extensive library of BD pictures from this rollicking lover of bondage/fetish and her wife.

--Femmefever, a social club as well as a makeover studio for the NY, NJ, CT area.

IMPORTANT: Kids Fighting Aids--a very worthy cause!!
The Vixens Personals Page (s)--A new feature started on Feb 12, 2002.


Talent Showcase-Open to contribution from all Vixens...***now in full swing*****(jan 1, 1999)***********************

And finally, just for fun
The humour page.

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