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Welcome to my home on the Web. This is a page devoted to magic.

So, first things first; what IS magic?

Having covered that: What can you do with it?

When you can DO magic: Increasing your powers by becoming Supernatural

The original non-human beings: Archetypes

Magic the easy way: Astral Projection

Astral Programmes: Thoughtforms

Astral Dangers: Nightmares

A few of the more exotic things that you can do with Magic: Esoterica

Astral Battle: Fighting

Magic has been disproved by science? Magic, or Magic?

If you've experienced Astral Projection, please take a moment to fill in this survey:

Name (Real/Mystic/Net/Whatever) (Do not hit return)

E-mail? (Optional, will not bedistributed to ANYONE)

What is your belief system?

1) How many Projections have you had?


2) How often do you project?

Most Days
Most Weeks
Less than monthly

What environment(s) do you most commonly find yourself in on the planes?
(eg City or Country, floating or grounded, etc)

What kind of being do you tend to meet most often?
(eg Guides, mythological creatures, evil spirits, dead people, etc)

Any questions on what I've written? Comments? Whatever, you can E-MAIL me at

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