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Well, I suppose I owe all of our visitors an explanation and an apology, don't you think? Here this is, sitting here day after day, week after week, month (!) after month, without getting updated. Guess what. No, we haven't been abducted by blue and green spotted chickens, nor are we going to scrap this website. Truth is, I've been itching to redo this whole site: the graphics, the design and everything, and move it onto a new server. And what happened then, you're asking? Nothing. I sat in front of my computer, trying to find some place to make this site without having to pay for it.

After a few days of searching, I decided not to move the complete site off of GeoCities. Sapphire's CLAW page and club page are going to stay here, along with a few other new additions. The rest is being moved to here. You can visit there now, if you like, but I warn you, almost everything is a broken link at the moment (29 September).

For now, you can visit the old Cat's Meow or patiently wait for the new one to be built. If you would like to join my mailing list to know the exact date when the new Cat's Meow is finished, click here. I promise I'll have the new, all-improved site up asap. Sorry for any inconvenience!

- Jacinta, webmistress of the Cat's Meow.

What shall you do?

    • Join the Mailing List.
    • Visit the old Cat's Meow.
    • Check out the new Cat's Meow. [under construction]
    • Tell me to hurry up!

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