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I am not an artist. However, I do admire those who can create beautiful images and sounds. As far as possible, I will thank and credit the artists who have provided the free graphics and backgrounds that you see on these pages. It's a little bit harder with the midis as I started to collect them long before I got my homepages. If I have failed to give you credit, or if you know of any copyrighted images that I am using without credit, please let me know.

I also download everything to my hard drive and upload all items to my server. I don't believe in stealing bandwidth. Bandwidth stealing has been responsible for the loss of sites of those who have had to suffer outrageous charges because of people who have linked images, backgrounds or sounds back to the site on which they were found.

The exception to this linking rule is when certain sites give you the code to place onto your page and the image is one that they have linked to themselves.

In the interest of promoting more knowledge about these problems, I am proud to link to these places:

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