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Welcome to our Cyber-doghouse part 2, we hope you enjoy your visit with us. For those of you who haven't met us before, that's me (Shadow) on the left, and that beauty on the right giving me a big ole kiss on the cheek is Billie. We've been around on the internet for almost 3 years now, our original site, which we still update and maintain, is called Billie and Shadows Cyber-doghouse, you can visit that site by clicking on "Our Original Home" on the imagemap over there on the right side of your screen, or use the text links which are located somewhere down below. Anyway, we pretty much used up all of our space over there, hence this site was born to continue bringing smiles to animal lovers everywhere (we hope!). While you're here, we hope you pay a visit to the Siberian Husky Memorial Page, which features pictures of some of our fellow Siberian Huskies who have unfortunately crossed over Rainbow bridge, if you or someone you know has lost a beloved Siberian, visit that page for more info on how you can add a picture (or pictures) to the memorial. Also at this site we feature a "Java" Siberian Husky word search game, if you like word games, we're sure you'll like this one!

We're also proud to announce that this is the home of SiberDreams Web Designs, featuring free web page graphics for you to use on your site!

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