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Hello and welcome to The White Schnauzer Web Pages. I'm Harley on the left and Lucy is on the right. We live in California with our Mom's and Dad's this web site is all about Schnauzers especially White Schnauzers. We have lots of pictures of Lucy and myself and all our Friends across the World. If you are a Schnauzer and would like to be on the Internet please e-mail us your picture. Or send your picture with a self addressed stamped envelope (so we can send your pictures back) to.

White Schnauzers
PO BOX 5762
Orange, CA 92863

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Home Page(Harley) Lucy's puppy Pictures
Puppy Pictures of Me (Harley) Pictures of Lucy
Pictures of Yours Truly (Harley) Lucy's Adventures
Pictures of Our Friends (white) Lucy The Cheerleader
Pictures of Our Friends (non whites) Pictures of Our Friends from Florida

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The White Schnauzer Discussion Board Our Web Rings
The Schnauzer Rescue Message Board Our Favorite Web Sites!

If you have a Schnauzer e-mail Us a picture we will put it with our friends catagory!!

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