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This website is primarily devoted to my cars, both past and present. Check 'em out.

1979 Z28 | 1994 Impala SS | 1985 Cutlass | 1987 Buick Turbo T | 1994 Corvette | 1994 Formula

This site has a little information about myself and a lot of information about my cars. I'll give you some very detailed info. on my cars. Feel free to E-mail me at

Check out my latest project, an '87 Buick Turbo T with a 231 V6 engine. My plans are to get it running in the low 11s and get 20+ mpg.11 sec Buick

If you have a GM G-body, you'll be interested in my G-body racing tips page.

I recently sold my '79 Z-28 to my friend Chris...he's the one that I originally bought it from! In this site you'll see how well many high performance parts actually performed at the dragstrip. If something really worked for me I'll rave about it. If something did not work for me I'll let you know that too. From my first quarter mile pass to my last pass, I've managed to reduce my e.t. by nearly 4 seconds and increase my trap speed nearly 25 mph. For the scoop on how it all took place, keep on reading.

History and a Little Background

How fast do you think a stock 79 Z-28 runs through the quarter? My car's first pass netted a mediocre time of 15.754 secs. @ 88.32 mph. It was a little disappointing, because it actually felt much stronger than that. To be honest, it was my first trip down the dragstrip as well as the car's, so I did not have any previous timeslips to compare it to. All of my racing before that June 8, 1995 pass was of the clandestine type, typically done well after dark along a stretch of abandoned highway.

A college classmate, Chris Wheat, owned this car before me. In 1995, Chris purchased a new 1995 model Z-28 (I'll tell you all about his car in the upcoming weeks.) When Chris told me that he was selling his '79, I jumped on the opportunity. A few weeks later my ex-wife and I drove it to Memphis Motorsports Park and blistered the track with my high 15 sec run. If you want to read about the progression of the car's performance, click here.

I have recently completed another project car. In December '98 my Dad and I installed a TPI 305 engine from an '85 Trans-Am in my '85 Cutlass. The goal was to improve the car's performance without sacrificing fuel economy. Click on the Cutlass hyperlink below to read about the details of this engine/transmission swap. 1985 Cutlass

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