The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Dedication

                                              Welcome to Cremators Texas Chainsaw Massacre page.  This page is dedicated to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  TCM is one of the best horror movies ever made.  There are a lot of other great TCM sites out there, that's better than mine ever will be.  I am not trying to compete against any other sites out there,  have the most hi-tech site, or trying to have the site with the most content.  I made this page to show my dedication and love for the film.  The movie has changed my life in some way I cannot describe.  Every time I watch the film there is a certain magic that comes with it.  Maybe its the dark imagery in the film, or the documentary feel that does it, who knows.  I know that many other fans feel that way too.  The film is over 25 years old, and it still has a big of an impact as it did when it was released.  The magic has not worn off, and it never will.  There are very few films that come close to what TCM does. I want to personally thank Tobe Hopper for making this film. For those who have seen the film, and hated it, or those who have yet to see it, I want to give you a word of advice.  Do not watch this film just to see graphic violence, or gore even though there is none.  Watch this film with a open mind, let the film take you in. Don't compare it to other films.  Just watch the film with a open mind. To get the full effect of the film, watch it alone at night, with all the lights off.  It will suck you in , and won't let go until the end.  Enter the steel door below to enter my website on a movie that has strongly effected me and thousands of others.  Thanks for coming.  ~~^^Cremator^^~~


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