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This is my Homepage dedicated to the anime Gunnm or as it is known in America Battle Angel Alita. The story is about a cyborg named Gally and her strugle to complete her destiny of reuniting the lower world with Zalem(floating city). She is discovered by a scientist named Ito in a large scrap yard dump. He rebuilds her with parts he has gathered from criminals who he hunts down(he is a bounty hunter). When she finds out about his secret life she decides to also become a bounty hunter. She quickly goes up in rank due to her strange abilitys and fighting skills that her previous life, which she can not remember, seems to posses. She falls in love but only to have to hunt him down as well. He dies in an attempt to climb to Zalem. I have to say that this is probally one of the best storys i have ever seen and I will not spoil the ending to her saga which I want you to go and see. All I will say is that it gets better as the story progresses, especially when she learns of her previous life. So go pick this anime up and begin reading and or watching it so that you too can witness one of the best animes of all times!

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