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Ok, folks, here it is. This is my page. And who, you may ask, are you. Well, as far as Geocities (Complimentary advert. here, people!) is concerned, I am sweetusagi, but my friends online simply call me Usagi. "So what?", you may be thinking. Well, so what to you? YOU are the one that landed on MY page, I didn't ask you here (well, maybe a little bit, but indirectly of course). But that's OK, you don't care who I am (If you do care who I am or would like to know more about me go HERE.) But I bet we have something in common. That's how you got to land here in my little world in cyberspace. You must enjoy Sailor Moon, unless you just landed here by some weird twist of fate. Perhaps the God of the Internet just miraculously teleported you here (though I highly doubt it.) Well, anyways, lets just get on with it, shall we? However, be forwarned that these pages are always under construction!!

If you don't know already, or if you are new to the anime/manga of Sailor Moon, here is my quick introductory synapsis of Sailor Moon:

The lead character in Sailor Moon is a girl named Tsukino Usagi (last name first, first name last), or in the NA (North American or English version), Serena, is just a typical 14 year old girl. She is a bit of a crybaby and really hates school and is always late (for everything). She is known to always be sleeping or stuffing her face. Well, one day, she comes across this cat, which she saves from some boys that are picking on it. Later on, this cat reappears in Serena's room and starts to talk to her, telling her that she must fight evil that has attacked the city as the girl warrior Sailor Moon. She is also to find the Silver Imperium Crystal. Well, she does this (rather reluctantly) and is later joined by other sailor senshi (sailor scouts), Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Together, they fight Queen Beryl and her Generals of the Negaverse. And here we will end the synapsis, so as not to ruin the rest of the show for you. For a better summary than this one, consult Hitoshi Doi's Online Sailor Moon Encyclopedia

Finally it is here!!! My very own image gallery!! Oh, happy day!! Now, I will warn you that they are always under construction and they will ba added to on a regular basis and also, I warn you that none of these images are mine, I have found them elsewhere on the Web, but I plan to give credit where credit is due. (To go to my resources, visit my links page, anything with a I obtained something from). Also, if you think a pic is yours and you didn't get credit, e-mail me and I'll definitely look into it. I don't want to gyp anyone of their hard work! If you have an image or two that you do not see here, e-mail me the URL and I'll look at it to see if it will be added to my image gallery! I have created SIXTEEN image galleries, each dedicated to a specific type of image. Later, they will be divided up even more as the number of images grow! I hope you enjoy them!!!

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Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi and is a copyright of Kondasha.

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