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Inquisitor Thrax had been in meditation for the last forty eight hours preparing himself for the task that lay ahead. Two days ago he had received a message from the Ulthwe craftworld. The message had been short and blunt "Prepare yourself for the trip." He new that the message would have come from only one person, Eldrad, the great Farseer of the Ulthwe.

He pondered why the message had come. Was there some great disturbance going on that he did not know of, not likely. Where the servants of Chaos once more preparing to make an attempt at over throwing the Empire, of course that had to be it. The followers of Chaos had Recently attacked and destroyed a human out post near the Eye of Terror, he had ordered the planet neutralized at once. Units from the Space Wolves chapter had been mobilized almost before the word of the attack had reached Earth. Thrax had received word of the attack from the Eldar Farseers before the attack began. The Space Wolves had taken the servants of Chaos by surprise, and launched an orbital bombardment on the planet below. What remained of the Cultists had been quickly dispatched by packs of Blood Claws deployed to the surface. The victory over the chaos cultists had slowed their movements for now, but Thrax knew that they would never give up in their pursuit of total domination.

Thrax felt the other presence in the room before it ever became visible, but he was already certain he knew who it was. The Shadowy figure moved into Thrax's view, and he found himself looking upon one of the Great Harlequins. Thrax picked up the helmet to his terminator armour, and placed it upon his head, gave it a slight twist, and the helmet sealed with an audible click. Thrax turned to the figure, and motioned that he was ready to depart.

enterThe Webway Gate(Update 07 JUN 98)

Your number sense 05 JUNE 1998.


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