EAS Ajax

"Defending the ultimate high ground"
Flagship of the Battlegroup Exeter

Welcome aboard!

It is a pleasure to have you aboard one of Earthforce's premier ships of the line. The crew of EAS Ajax is proud to have you aboard, and look forward to introducing you to our team of professionals. The ship has a crew of nearly 570 men and women when Ajax deploys. When spacecraft operate from our flight deck, ship's company and spacewing personnel function as a single team, providing Earthforce with an incredibly potent, flexible, and mobile force. Although we have a wide variety of Earthforce's most modern spacecraft and weapons systems, the driving force of the ship/spacewing team is its crew. These proud, talented, and dedicated crewmen come from diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the heart of the great government they represent -- the Earth Alliance.

I hope you find your visit aboard the great ship Ajax both informative and enjoyable!

-Admiral Thomas Beatty
Commander, EAS Ajax

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