Descendants of Moses Stanton

Moses Stanton, son of Jonathan (Jacob) was born 29 Mar 1786 in Orange County, NY and died 17 August 1875. He married Phebe Arkles, born about 1793 and died 2 Dec 1850. Both are buried in the Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro. The following is an excerpt from THE HISTORY OF SULLIVAN COUNTY, NY, by Quinlan, 1875,p. 414-5:

The pioneers of Mamakating knew that the Indians obtained lead near Wurtsborough; but the latter obstinately refused to reveal where it was to be found, and became angry whenever the subject was broached. A white hunter named Miller followed them at the risk of his life, until he ascertained that they obtained the ore on the west side of the Shawangunk, near a cluster of hemlocks, which was plainly visible from the valley. He heard them at work, and after they had left, found the mine. When Miller was old and infirm, he intended to show Daniel Gonsalus where the ore was. He pointed out the hemlocks, and promised that, as soon as he had visited some friends in Orange County, he would go with Gonsalus to the point where the lead was visible. Before Miller returned from his visit, he was taken sick at Montgomery, and died. Gonsalus never attempted to find the ore. In 1813, he told Niven what he knew, and after thinking of the matter four years, the latter hired Mudge to help him make a search. They were successful. A quantity of the galena was sent to Doctor Mitchell and others, chemists, who declared that it was valuable. Mr. Niven made a confident of Moses Stanton, a neighbor, who, as well as Mudge, insisted on sharing the profits of the discovery, and the three became partners. Not long after, those who had analyzed the ore were anxious to purchase the mine; but Niven & Co. could not sell it. They were not its owners, and they could not ascertain who were. So the matter rested until 1836, each agreeing to make no disclosure without the consent of all three. Their secret, however, was revealed after it had been kept for almost twenty years. Stanton had a habit of talking in his sleep, and while his eyes were closed, spoke of the mine in such a way that his son, who was present, had no difficulty in finding it! The young man found the owners, and made some five hundred dollars by keeping his ears open while his father "dreamed aloud!" (Niven is Daniel Niven, and Mudge is "Colonel" Michael Mudge.)

(1) Daniel Stanton was born 20 May 1812 and died 29 June 1850 age 38y1m9d, buried Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro. He was identified as a son of Moses by William A. Stanton in his 1891 genealogy. Daniel Stanton was a blacksmith, lived in Wurtsboro, and on 13 Nov 1834 he married Electa Ann Van Duzer at the New Prospect Dutch Reformed Church, in Ulster County. Electa Ann was born about 1820 in Sullivan County. After Daniel's death, Electa married on 29 June 1857, Hanford Palmer, born about 1813, Connecticut. They had a son, Hanford Palmer Jr., born 1859. After Palmer's death, Electa married in 1869, Abijah Loder, born about 1812, Mamakating, died 1876, Wurtsboro, the widower of Elizabeth Kuykendall (1815-1866). Electa lived in Middletown in 1887.

  (a) William Harvey Stanton, called "Harvey", born about 1836 and died by 1887, when Electa Loder, his mother, buys a small lot of land in Wurtsboro by the church from the heirs. He had married Hannah and had a son, Frank.
  (b) Catherine A. Stanton, born about 1838, William A. Stanton in 1891 calls her "Kate" and states she married Charles Glatz and lived in New York City.
  (c) Adaline H. Stanton, born about 1842, William A. Stanton in 1891 calls her "Addie" and states she married a Mr. Palmer and lived Stamford, Ct. In 1865, Adaline appears on the census with her mother and step-father as "Adaline Smith."
  (d) Mary T. Stanton was born about 1849. William A. Stanton states she married Dr. Charles Collins.

(2) Abraham Stanton was born 12 June 1814 and died 23 May 1860 aged 46y, buried Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro. He married Aurilla __, born about 1821. She later moved to Virginia City, Nevada, with her son Clement, according to William A. Stanton in 1891. Their children were:

  (a) Elting Stanton, born 22 May 1842, died 4 Nov. 1843 1y4m13d, buried Stanton Cemetery.
  (b) Clement W. Stanton born about 1844, died 1913, buried Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro, NY.
  (c) Gertrude Stanton born about 1846, married, according to William A. Stanton, Cornelius Cudney, and lived Phillipsport, NY. In 1872/3, Cornelius Cudney appears owning a farm of 140 acres in Phillipsport.
  (d) Dewitt Stanton born about 1856 and died prior to the writing of William A. Stanton's genealogy in 1891.

(3) Isaac Crans Stanton born 12 May 1816, died 28 Feb 1819, buried Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro.

(4) Jacob Stanton was born 17 Oct 1818 and died 9 Oct 1899. He married Emeline __, born 20 Apr 1822, died 15 Apr 1890, both buried Sylvan Cemetery, Wurtsboro. He was a superintendant of the D & H Canal Co. Reservoirs, and in 1872/3 owned a farm of 52 acres in Wurtsboro. His children were:

  (a) Moses Stanton who died 10 April 1842, 4m29d, buried Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro
  (b) Jane (or Sam-unclear in census), born about 1843
  (c) Ellen Stanton born about 1848
  (d) Ruth E. Stanton, died 6 Sept 1851, 8m12d, buried Stanton Cemetery.

(5) Jane, or Sarah Jane Stanton, , born about 1826 was, according to William A. Stanton's genealogy, married to William Jordan and had 10 children. They lived in Wurtsboro, and in 1872/3, Jordan was a farmer with 57 acres and a foreman for the D & H Canal Co. In 1880, the family is in Wurtsboro with the following children:

  (a) Owen Jordan, born about 1856
  (b) Millard Jordan, born aobut 1858
  (c) Elmer E. Jordan, born about 1861
  (d) Sarah S. Jordan, born about 1864

(6) Harrison Horton Stanton was born 26 Mar 1824 and married 1st Harriett Budd, the daugher of Peter, born about 1829; 2nd on 6 July 1859 Julia Ann Budd, born about 1815, and 3rd on 22 Feb 1882 Marinda Budd. No wife is listed with Harrison on the 1892 census of Sullivan County. In 1872/3 Harrison was a night watchman for the D & H Canal Co., and had a farm of 76 acres in Wurtsboro. By his first wife he had three children:

  (a) Charles Stanton born about 1851
  (b) Antonette Stanton was born about 1854. She may be the Nettie Stanton who married James A. Fulton at Wurtsboro Dutch Reformed Church on 28 Nov. 1876.
  (c) Edgar B. Stanton, born about 1858, married first Anna ___, who died 1909, and 2nd 30 Nov 1910, Minnie Blake, born about 1870.

(7) Cornelius Stanton was born 12 Sep 1827 and died 8 Dec 1888, married 1st Emeline Budd, born about 1829, and 2nd on 4 Mar 1868, Mrs Esther Ann Gumaer at Bloomington Dutch Reformed Church. Children of Cornelius were:

  (a) Amelia G. Stanton was born about 1853 and died 16 Sep 1864, 11y3m, buried Stanton Cemetery
  (b) George Stanton born about 1855
  (c) Maurice E. Stanton was born about 1856, married 9 Mar 1887 at Wawarsing, Salome Wilkinson, born 1852, the daughter of Samuel R. and Elizabeth (Decker). Maurice was a butcher and died 1906 in Wurtsboro.
  (d) Iantha Stanton was born about 1858
  (e) Ira Stanton was born about 1860
  (f) Hattie B. Stantonwas born about 1861 and died 23 June 1863, 2y3m, buried Stanton Cemetery
  (g) Abie Stanton was born about 1862 and died 26 June 1863, 1y1m, buried Stanton Cemetery 
  (h) Cornelius Stanton Jr. was born about 1865

(8) Phebe Stanton was born about 1831 and died 9 Jan 1852, buried Stanton Cemetery, Wurtsboro

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