The Stantons of Deerpark, Orange County and Mamakating, Sullivan County, NY
A Faulty Genealogy

(1) National Geonealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 6 #1 March 1973, mention is made of "Ruffas and Grace Stanton, Mamacotting Precinct", dated 1774; and EARLY CONNECTICUT MARRIAGES, Bailey (1896-1906) revised 1968, Book I, p. 36, Abraham Stanton & Grace Wheeler married May 1, 1754 at Brooklyn, Windham County, Ct. According to Thomas and Sarah Stanton and Their Descendants, by Herbert Charles Stanton, M.D., 1940, Abraham Stanton was the son of Thomas Stanton and Sarah, his wife. Thomas and Sarah Stanton several children and these sons: Jacob, Peter, Abraham, Joseph and Thomas. The early records of the precinct of Mamakating, mentions the well of Jacob Stanton. I think this Jacob was the brother of Abraham Stanton. This Jacob later moved to Pennsylvania after the Revolutionary War. Abraham Stanton and Grace Wheeler were credited with three sons, namely, Rufus, Jonathan and Benjamin Stanton. Also see the administration in Ulster County of Lazarus Stanton, who died about 1798 leaving heirs.

(1) Rufus Stanton b. 1756, died about Feb. 27, 1832, aged 75 years, in Mt. Hope, Orange County, NY. His wife was Rachel Reeve (d. Jan. 13, 1840, aged 80 y & 11 mos.). Ruttenber and Clark in their HISTORY OF ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK p. 506, says of him that he first settled a mile from Finchville. He afterwards moved to Finchville and his homestead was a large brown house standing near Mr. Moore's. Peter E. Gumaer, of Deerpark in his survey notes mentions a stone fence on Rufus Stanton's property. Rufus Stanton left a will in Orange County Lib. I, p. 336 dated 2 July 1825, probated 9 March 1832.

  (A) Jonathan Stanton

  (B) Samuel Stanton, born about 1785.

  (C) Rufus Stanton Jr. died in 1810.

  (D) Joseph Stanton born 1793

  (E) Nathaniel Stanton

  (F) Rachel Stanton died in 1819

  (G) Mehitable Stanton married Daniel Smith of Ohio and was dead by her father's will in 1826.

  (H) Naomi Stanton was born 27 Jan. 1796 and married Hezron Hoyt.

(2) Jonathan Stanton, was born about 1758. (JERSEYMEN IN THE REVOLUTION, p. 765 lists Jonathan Stanton in the State militia as a private in Capt. Harker's Co., 2nd Regiment, Sussex County, N.J.) Jonathan married first the widow, Sarah (Louw) Depuy. She was born about 1746 in Rochester, Ulster County, and had three sons by her former marriage to Moses Depuy, son of Benjamin Depuy, Esq. of Peenpack.: Abraham Depuy, of Aurillius, NY; Martin Depuy; and Benjamin M. Depuy of Deerpark, who married Elizabeth. Benjamin and Elizabeth Depuy had a daughter, Sally Depuy who married Joseph Patterson and had two daughters, Elizabeth and Jane Patterson. Sarah Louw Depuy Stanton was the daughter of Abraham Louw and wife Dinah Cuddeback. Dinah Cuddebeck was the daughter of Jacques Caudebec and Margaretta Provost. Jacques Caudebec was a French Huguenot who was granted the Peenpack Patent of 1697. By Sarah (Louw) Depuy, Jonathan Stanton had two sons, William and Moses. In Sullivan County Deed Bk ?, p. 28, the brothers, William and Moses Stanton, divide their land in Wurtsboro, Mamakating Township, Sullivan County. This deed mentions land in Deerpark and Wurtsboro given to them by their parents Jonathan and Sarah Stanton in 1806. The deed also mentions land they had purchased of Aaron Heinras in 1806 and of Archibald McBride in 1810. In the assessment of 1812, the land of William and Moses Stanton, before it was divided, was valued at $1,360. William and Moses Stanton are the ancestors of nearly all the Stantons who trace their roots to Wurtsboro.

  (A) William Stanton

  (B) Moses Stanton

After 1806, Jonathan Stanton moved to Ontario, Canada where he married a second time to Rebecca Harmon. He died 15 Apr 1837 in Windham, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. By Rebecca Harmon, Jonathan had four children. The second family of Jonathan Stanton lived mainly in Canada and Michigan.

  (C) Daniel Stanton was born in Ontario and married Julia Ann Simmons, and died 9 Oct 1883 in Elmer, Michigan.

  (D) Joseph Stanton was born 7 May 1813 in Ontario and married Elizabeth Hempstreet.

  (E) Emeline Stanton died unmarried by 1891

  (F) Charlotta Stanton married Mr. Uptigrove.

(2)Benjamin Wheeler Stanton was said by William A. Stanton in his 1891 Genealogy to have married a Miss Mudge and moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio. He appears when Lazarus Stanton dies in 1798, and later in Peter E. Gumaer's Journal. Gumaer owned a store in Deerpark and was a surveyor. He mentions Benjamin W. Stanton.

(p. 191) 1840. "I made a map of Benjamin R. Comfort's land laid down from his deed which shows lands formerly of Elisha Reeve, William Young and his wife, Mary, John O'Shourne and Susanna his wife, James W. Carpenter, and Egbert Jansen and his wife, Frances, in June 1824; also, that of Jeromus Johnson, a line of lot No. 39, first division of Minisink Patent, land formerly of Benjamin W. Stanton, land formerly of William Lockwood, containing 185 and 1/2 acres."
(p. 225) 1850. Nov. 1. "I made a survey of approximately 15 acres of land for Anthony McNerney and William Staples. It mentions the center of the Esopus Road where the line of Rev. DeWitt's land crosses it, a lot surveyed for Nelson Westbrook, land lately of Benjamin R. Comfort, formerly conveyed by Elisha to said Comfort, lands formerly of William S. Lockwood and Benjamin W. Stanton, Bashis Kill, lands of Silas C. Comfort, Harmanus Cuddeback, Elias Moore, Anthony McNerney and wife Phebe, a towing path bank in Deerpark, lot No. 39 of the first division of the Minisink Patent and B. Quarter's lot next to Nelson Westbrook's lot." It seems that Benjamin Wheeler Stanton had left for Pennsylvania prior to 1840.

I have no further knowledge of this family. If anyone has any other information, please let me know.

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