In my long search for the ancestry of my George Stanton, of Forestburg, Sullivan County, NY (1801-1888), I have uncovered alot of information on other Stanton families in the vicinity of Sullivan, Ulster and Orange Counties. I cannot as yet link my family to those that follow, but wish to share the information with fellow genealogists. Because the information is lengthy, I have divided my notes into family groups, as well as additional miscellaneous information by county. Please feel free to browse, but be aware that these are notes and should be verified for use in your own genealogy.

George Stanton of Gardnertown, Newburgh, Orange County, NY

William Stanton of Gardnertown, Newburgh, Orange County, NY

Orange County Misc. Stanton Records

1753 Deed to Benjamin Stanton, Joseph Carpenter, John Caverly and John Latting

Letter from Jack King, Orlando, FL, Re: Stanton

Stanton Ulster County Deed Abstracts

Stantons of Deerpark, Orange Coutny - Mamakating, Sullivan County, NY

Administration of the Estate of Lazarus Stanton, Mamakating

George Stanton, Jamaica to New York City, 1698

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