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(Vol. 1 No. 3 p. 21)From the "Newburgh Telegraph" 1836. Thrus. 9/29/1836 Died. Newburgh...Of Consumption on Saturday last, Mr. Benjamin Stanton, aged 35 years.
(Vol. ? No. ? p. ?)"Newburgh Telegraph" 1837. Married Wed. a.m. 31st Ult. Henry Still of New Windsor to Miss Mary Stanton, of Poughkeepsie.
(Vol. ? No. ? p. ?)"Newburgh Telegraph" 1837. Married Thu. 9/7/1837 Wed. eve the 30th ult. Mr. Samuel G. Kimball to Mary Ann Uptigrove, all of this town.
((Vol. ? No. ? p. ?)Some NY residents married in Vernon, NJ, M.E. Church: 31 Aug 1872 Nathaniel J. Stanton, Hawley, PA to Levinia E. Gibson, Pt. Jervis, NY. 13 Feb. 1899 Brice Stanton, Quarryville, NJ to Sarah E. Elson.
(Vol. ? No. ? p. ?)Henry Still b. 6 Jan 1766 Steward of ME Church, New Windsor, d. Oct 1858 ae 92. Married (1) E. Coleman 3/12/1800 (2) Hester Morgan 5 Nov 1833, d. 12/25/1833 (3) Mary Stanton 10/25/1837 d. 1/18/1853.
(Vol. 16 No. 1 p. 7)Exerpts from GOSHEN INDEPENDENT REPUBLICAN 9/11/1840. Died: 4 Aug 1840 Dr. Lewis Newkirk Stanton, age 27, son of Samuel Stanton of Minisink.

Gardnertown M.E. Church Cemetery, Newburgh

Keziah Stanton d. 1839 & baby, Carpenter Stanton, 3 y
James H. Stanton 1841-1913, wife Melissa 1840-83
Waring, George A., wife Rachel Stanton
Carpenter Stanton b. 2/17/1830 d. 8/22/1896 wife Abby Millburn
David Harryan 1832-1888, wife Mary E. Stanton 1850-1935
(The above courtesy of Mrs. Irene Gibson, Constantine, MI)
Eugene, son of W.C. & Mary Marston, died Oct. 5, 1862, aged 8y6m13d
Wm. C. Marston, born Dec 17, 1801 died Feb 16, 1884
On the Wm C. Marston monument: His wife, Martha Stanton born Sept 12, 1804, died Aug. 4, 1841. Their son, Francis, died Aug 20, 1875, aged 10 m
In Memory of Timothy Stanton, died June 22, 1858, aged 71y10m4d
In Memory of Ann, wife of Timothy Stanton, died Sept 16, 1875, aged 79y6m11d
Aaron B. Gardner, born Oct 8, 1812, died Sep 26, 1886
His wife, Mariah Stanton, born Jan 6, 1827, died Jan 9, 1902
Aaron G., born Jan 27, 1852, died Oct 17, 1854. Alfred E., born Feb 14, 1860, died Aug 30, 1860. Lewis E., born Nov 28, 1854, died July 10, 1871 (Children of Aaron & Maria Gardner)
William Revill, a native of Trent Bridge, Nottingham, England, died July 24, 1885, aged 83y1m5d
Elsie, wife of William Revill, and daughter of Timothy and Anna Stanton, died Aug 30, 1870, aged 54y6m11d
Catharine Stanton, wife of J. S. Marston, born April 8, 1818, died June 8, 1898
Joshua S. Marston, born Nov 1, 1816, died Dec 17, 1882
Carpenter Stanton, born Feb 17, 1830 died Aug 22, 1896
Mary Miller, wife of William C.Marston, Born May 12, 1822, died Sep 25, 1897
(The above from HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF NEWBURGH BAY AND THE HIGHLANDS, Pub. No. 10 (1903) "In Rural Cemeteries-Gardnertown Cemetery)

HISTORY OF ORANGE COUNTY, NY, by Ruttenber & Clark

(p. 120) Erie Railroad, Stanton & Clark, 3 shares, 1848
(p. 293) 1880. Mrs. Ramsdell replaced one of the ferry boats with an iron boat built by Ward and Stanton of Newburgh, named "City of Newburgh."
(p. 369) In 1865, a Robert Whitehill resigned from the navy, ret'd to Newburgh and rented a room in the steam engine room of Corwin, Stanton and Co. on Western Ave.
(p. 285) Newburgh 1785. List of those assessed for labor: George Stanton, William Stanton
(p. 134) After the peace signed in the Revolution, there were only 1100 of Wesley's Society north of Philadelphia. Wesley suggested an independent organization independent of the Society in England. This was done in 1785 and the title Methodist Episcopal Church was adopted. East Jersey "circuit" bordered on New York and their first service in the town of Newburgh was held probably Oct 1786. In 1789 the Newburgh circuit was established. It embraced 261 members Flanders circuit and was divided into the following classes: Samuel Fowlers, Middlehope; Elnathan Fosters, Newburgh; Munson Wards, Fostertown; George Stantons, Gardnertown, and 16 others.
(p. 319) In 1825, the George Stanton's class was organized into a church. Dec. 15 Burroughs Westlake, Joshua Marston, David W. Gidney, Silas B. Gardner were chosen trustees of the M.E. Church at Gardnertown. The house of worship erected the next year, Nov. 20. Occupied until Nov. 24, 1858. The society was for some time associated in a circuit with Little Britian.

From the John J. Nutt histoy NEWBURGH, pub. 1891

(p. 202) Stanton, Clark & Co. firm of Isaac Stanton, Nicholas Wilson & James Robinson - Highland Furnace, iron foundry and machine shop, the foot of South St. and Front St. This firm dissolved in 1851.
(p. 249) John Delaney in (?)1872, was in partnership with Samuel Stanton (formerly superintendant of Washington Iron Works, and Luther C. Ward, business manager of the same under Ward, Stanton & Co., building and dock on east side of South Water St. near the foot of South William St., named the Highland Furnace. Here they built and enlarged a number of wooden and then iron boats...manufactured engines and general machinery. Also, in time iron ship building began though wooden ones were constructed earlier. Firm employed 300 men, built steam yachts, ferry boats, towing boats, propellers, hulls, engines and boilers. In 1882 a great fire nearly destroyed it.
(p. 256) Speaks of Stanton as expert mechanical engineer and droughtsman.
(p. 266) Samuel G. Kimball became a member of the firm of Stanton, Clark & Co. foundry and machine shop from 1846 until 1851.

Note from Miss Helen Ver Nooy Gern, Newburgh City Historian, 1985

Stanton, Isaac--Iron Founder west side of Water St. and Washington St. Stanton, Mollery & Co (Isaac, James H. and George M. Clapp) Highland Iron Works '62-'63. Iron Founder and Machinists west side Water St. and Washington St.
HUDSON RIVER STEAMBOATS, drawings by Henry Ward Stanton, at the Museum of the City of New York
Century Magazine of 1882 came the following: (p. 602, 1st column) "Some of our leading steam yacht builders" includes the firm of Ward, Stanton & Co. of Newburgh. (p. 602 2nd column) is information about the "Rhonda" built in 1880 from Mr. Pierre Lorillard, of composite construction, fast and trim and handsome. The (?)Rada built in Newburgh by Messrs. Ward, Stanton & Co. (p. 603) was the following: "the Namouna," completed in the Spring of 1881 for Mr. James Gordon Bennett, by Messrs. Ward, Stanton & Co. of Newburg-on-the-Hudson."


(p. 563-4) Isaac Stanton, born Mattewan, Dutchess County (1813) Father from Long Island to Matteawan, Dutchess County. Isaac m. (1) Eliza the daughter of Hugh Buchanan (born Scotland) and (2) Margaret, his first wife's sister. Isaac learned the cabinet trade in Newburgh. Children by his first wife: Curtis, born Nov. 12, 1842, Newburgh, in the U.S. Navy, married Harriett Hamblet in Lawrence, MA (issue: Harry, Ella, Frank and Grace); Samuel, son of Isaac, died in New Jersey; John H. Stanton was a draughtsman in Newburgh; their sister Elizabeth died in Newburgh.
(p. 999) Henry F. West, born 1830, the son of Jonathan & Sarah Lawrence West at mouth of Mongaup River, 3 miles from Sparrowbush. He married 1873 Mary Stanton of Forestburgh, Sullivan County, the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Carr) Stanton.

From Newburgh Free Library, Steward's Book, M.E. Church, Newburgh Circuit, baptisms 1789-1834

Joseph Stanton, S. Paltz, bapt. Mar. 25, 1832

Latter-Day Saits Church microfilm of Stanton-New York - Orange Co. (early 1980s)

Stanton, Sophia m. Oliver Kimball 30 Oct 1804 - Orange, Monson
Stanton, Mary m. Thomas Oakley Hazen 19 Oct 1816 - Orange

THE HAZEN FAMILY IN AMERICA, Tracy Elliot Hazen, pub. 1947)

(p. 421) Mary Stanton b. 24 July 1797, Orange County, NY, d. 20 Oct 1853 at Forestburg, Sullivan Co. NY, daughter of Lazarus Stanton of Mt. Hope, NY

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