Cornelius b. Holland
Claes Cornelissen (Wyckoff) b. 1597 Holland m. Margaret Van Der Goos
Peter Claesen (Wyckoff) b. 1625 Holland m. Grietje Van Ness
Marten Pieterse Wyckoff b. 1660 NY m. Hannah Willemse
Grietje "Margaret" Wyckoff bpt. 1684 NY m. Samuel Poling

Claes Cornelissen & wife, Margaret Van Der Goos, with son Peter Claesen, "started for America October 1, 1636 on the ship 'Rensselaer Wyck' but was forced by storms and damage to the vessel to stop in England and did not reach America until March 4, 1637."

Claes Cornelissen was sometimes called Van Schouw and sometimes Mentelaer. The Wyckoff ancestral home still stands today in Flatlands, Brooklyn, New York. It was built in 1638, occupied by Peter Claesen and his wife Grietje Van Ness about 1650. This was the home of the Wyckoff descendants for more than 250 years. It is the number one landmark in New York City and is the oldest house in New York, a National Historic Landmark.

In 1649, Peter Claesen moved to New Amsterdam and in 1653 he purchased a farm at Flatlands, becoming well to do and a magistrate of the Town Court of Flatsland, whence probably the name Wyckoff originated, from the union of two words, viz: "Wijk," a ward or parish and "hof," a court.

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