Gustave Moritz Wetzel b. 1818 m. Caroline A.B. "Bertha" Liebrecht
Minna Bertha Wetzel m. Erwin F. Lester

Read The Autobiography of Hugh Wetzel Lester, Part II, the Wetzels to get a personal history of this family.

The children of Gustave Mortiz Wetzel were:

The eldest, Emma Wetzel b. 1846 m. Fred Miller, who served in the Civil War. She died Kalispell, Montana, and had:

Morris M. Miller ca. 1866, d. 21 July 1933

Clara Miller b. ca 1870 m. Hugh McGovern

Nora Miller b. ca. 1872 was the 2nd wife of Hugh McGovern, she had no children of her own.

Wallace Miller 1874 m. ?, he had children.

Alex Miller, died unmarried

James Vick Miller, died in Kalispell Montana, was married with children.

Curtis Miller, d. 1952 in Kalispell, Montana, was married with children.

The second child, Louise Wetzel m. Peter Saxer, born in Switzerland. He served in the Civil War. She died 1934 in Hastings, Neb. and had:

John Saxer 1870, married with children.

Paul Saxer, d. 1847 Bethany, Mo. m. Ida Karnatz and had children;

Claud Saxer d. California, unmarried.

Arthur Saxer b. 1881, d. 1932, married Beatrice Hamson and had children.

Lucia Saxer b. 1884, d. Calif during WWII, no children.

Edward Saxer b. ca.1886, married Maud and had children.

The third child was Henry Bertram Wetzel b. 1854, died 1934 Fairmont, MN m. Ella Steele, and had children:

Hortense Wetzel b. 1879 m. Purl Foster

Herbert Wetzel d. young

unknown child died young

Maud Wetzel b. ca. 1885 MN m. Hoffman and 2nd Walter Kehms, divorced.

Fred Wetzel b. 1887 MN m. Viola

Sidney Wetzel b. 1888 MN, married with children.

Bernice Wetzel b. ca. 1890 married and had children.

The fourth child was John Wetzel b. ca. 1856 d. 1880, unmarried.

The fifth child of Gustave M. Wetzel was Minna Bertha Wetzel m. Erwin F. Lester, my ancestor. They had Hugh Wetzel Lester, the author of the above-mentioned autobiography. I am his granddaughter.

The sixth child, Matilda Julia Wetzel b. 1863 m. Silas Pearson Pope and had:

Nettie Pearl Pope 1881 m. Seth W. Morton

Francis Clyde Pope b. 1882 d. 1940s Santa Monica CA, married, no children.

Walter Ross Pope b. 1885 m. Ethel Mitten

Mildred Irene Pope b. 1888 m. Ralph R. McMasters

Buel Woods Pope b. 1896 m. Ruth Esther Brayton

Silas Pearson Pope, Jr. b. 1898 m. Vernadale Gardner, divorced

Bessie Hazel Pope .b 1899 m.Albert Hayes

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