The Descendants of John Letts Stanton

(3)John Letts Stanton, son of George Stanton, was born in November 3, 1837 in Sullivan County NY. About 1857, he married Amanda Daly, born March 1841 in Pennsylvania, according to the census information. In 1865 he lived in Lumberland; in 1872 he owned land next to his brother Geroge G. in Thompson; in 1875 he lived in Thompson; and in 1892 he lived in Bethel and was a grocer. The 1900 census lists John Stanton in Bethel township, grocer, with his wife, Amanda. When he provided data for his brother's death certificate in 1895, he was of Mongaup Valley, all towns in Sullivan County, NY. His obituary states that he died at his home in Mongaup Valley, on Monday, July 10, 1911, aged 74y, having been born in 1837. He was the son of George G. Stanton, of Mongaup Flats. His mother was a daughter of Daniel Letts, who had settled at an early date in Monticello. John L. had lived at Eldred and left a wife (unnamed) and one daughter, Mrs. Lettie Horton of Eldred. His only son, William, died 2 weeks before. The funeral of John Letts Stanton was to be Wednesday and 9:00 a.m. The remains were at Eldred. Years ago, he had sold a store in the city (Pt. Jervis) and was called Honest Joe Stanton. The obituary was provided by Ms Joan Prey. The death certificate states he died July 10, 1911 in Bethel and was a merchant. His birthplace, along with that of his parents is recorded as Newburgh. His parents are listed as George G. and Sarah E. Slater Stanton. This information is furnished by his nephew, Wallace Stanton. This document also gives his borth date as November 3, 1837 and was buried in Eldred, NY. His children according to the census were:

(A) Anne Elizabeth Stanton, daughter of John Letts Stanton, and Amanda, was born October 1861, and about 1875 married John J. Horton, of Eldred. In 1900 they are found in Highland Township, Sullivan County, with eight of their children. In 1910, Anna Horton is a widow, living in the Township of Highlands (Eldred) with her four youngest children. In the census, Anne states that 9 of her 10 children are living. John J. Horton was born February 1854 in New York and was a teamster. In the Eldred Cemetery is listed: Horton, William H. 1876-1928 and Anne E. d. March 24, 1928 ae 67y 5m 4d. William H. Horton is probably her eldest child. Their chilren include:

(1)William H. Horton, 1876-1928
(2)Walter D. Horton, born February 1881
(3)Carrie E. Horton, born May 1882
(4)Edith A. Horton, born April 1886
(5)Mable A. Horton, born October 1888
(6)John L. Horton, born February 1891
(7)Maud M. Horton, born May 1894, married Mr. Kalin
(8)Ernest E. Horton, born April 1897
(9)Mary E. Horton, born March 1900, married Herman Bosch

(B)William Stanton, b. ca. 1868, was living in 1892 with his parents. In 1910, John and Amanda Stanton are residents of Bethel. With them is "Wills Stanton," adopted son, age 45?, single and a carpenter. William Stanton died the next year, just before his father. His death certificate states he died June 25, 1911 and was single and his adopted parents were John Stanton and Mandy Daly. This information was provided by Mrs. John Stanton, Mongaup Valley, NY. He was buried in Eldred.

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